Zuni Mountain Railroads Cibola National Forest, New Mexico


The gathering of the material for this work has taken many years of effort by the authors and has involved a good many individuals. A primary source exists in the Breece Lumber Company records in the Special Collections of the Zimmerman Library, University of New Mexico. The Map Room at the Zimmerman Library, and the Southwestern Region of the USDA—Forest Service have provided the necessary maps and aerial photographs to confirm the existence of numerous logging spur rail lines. Other sources have been numerous and scattered in nature, although many have proven to be of considerable significance. Kramer Adams has tabulated logging statistics from The Timberman. Walter Casler provided Climax locomotive data from original sources. Shay locomotive information was provided by Dan Ranger and by P.E. Percy of the Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation. Doug Richter, Joe Strapac, and Bert Ward contributed much to the locomotive rosters.

In a work of this nature, local people contribute much to the research effort. Ernie Robarts performed much of the study leading to the maps. Judy Nickell of the Albuquerque Tribune "Fix It" column publicized the need for information and caused a flurry of calls and contributions. John B. Moore, Jr. was a source of photographs as well as Santa Fe Railway material. From Gallup, Ron Welch and August Berger provided essential information on the McGaffey Company. Octavia Fellin of the Gallup Public Library offered numerous photographs and additional information. Ray Thompson, District Ranger for the Cibola National Forest's Mount Taylor Ranger District, contributed a fine collection of photographs and documents.

This work owes much to the editorial assistance of David "A" Gillio of the Southwestern Regional Office, USDA—Forest Service. Dave provided not only the incentive to begin the task in the first place, but also constant and invaluable information about matters of organization, additional sources, and ways to improve the results.

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Last Updated: 02-Sep-2008