Logging Railroads of the Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico


Many people provided the essential raw materials for this report in the form of information, articles from scattered sources, and photographs. Kramer Adams tabulated logging company statistics from "The Timberman". Henry E. Bender, Jr., provided much early support and locomotive information. Walter Casler provided Heisler locomotive information from original sources. Joseph P. Hereford, Jr., found important information in many diverse sources and offered it freely. John T. Labbe provided logging data. Bill Lock made numerous observations and found interesting information. Dorothy J. Neal provided a wealth of photographs as well as the results of her own research. P. E. Percy, of the Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation, provided Shay locomotive data and photographs from the builder's files. Dan Ranger shared his Shay locomotive research. Olaf Rasmussen walked the old rail beds and provided the information for the maps. Doug Richter, Joe Strapac, and Bert Ward contributed much of the locomotive roster data. Arthur Olives and Dick Rudisill of the Museum of New Mexico Photo Archives aided in searching out photographs and information. The Forest History Society provided an inventory of Forest Service photographs, which is the foundation of our knowledge of the photographs in this report.

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Last Updated: 02-Sep-2008