Logging Railroads of the Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico


These additional figures include more views of the railroads and other aspects of logging in the Sacramento Mountains. The costs of publication prevent us from being able to include every photo found in the USDA Forest Service files. There are probably many more views in private hands and unknown to the author.

Figure 47. A down-bound EP&SW mixed train on the Mexican Canyon trestle below Cloudcroft. (By Jim Alexander. Museum of New Mexico photo)

Figure 48. SP 2506 standing on the "S" trestle below Cloudcroft, ca. 1936. (E. Clack collection)

Figure 49. Locomotive SP 2507 pulling upgrade at Bailey's Canyon ca. 1936. (E. Clack collection)

Figure 50. Picking up logs at chute terminal in Hubbell Canyon Southwest Lumber Company railroad. June 26, 1928. (By E. S. Shipp. USDA Forest Service photo 233029)

Figure 51. Unloading logs at Southwest Lumber Co. mill pond at Alamogordo. Power plant center; sawmill at right. July 2, 1928. (By E. S. Shipp. USDA Forest Service photo 233472)

Figure 52. Log chute or skidway in action, with boy "greasing the skids." June 26, 1928. (By E. S. Shipp. USDA Forest Service photo 233058)

Figure 53. Log skidway along Southwest Lumber Co. railroad in Hubbell Canyon. June 27, 1928. (By E. S. Shipp. USDA Forest Service photo 233034)

Figure 54. Mule team skidding logs in winter on the Almagordo Lumber Company. The log cars behind the team are loaded with ties and, on the left, a primitive water tank. n.d. (By Green Edward Miller. Museum of New Mexico Collection)

Figure 55. One of the former Arizona & New Mexico Railway locomotives, as SP 2510, derailed as a result of a broken lead truck axle. (S. A. Ramsdale collection)

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