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International Consortium of Environmental History Organizations (ICEHO)

Purpose: The aim of the Consortium is to foster international communication among environmental history organizations. Specific goals include sharing information, learning from the successes and failures of others, and discussing common issues, concerns, and challenges. Learn more at www.iceho.org.

Who Is Invited?

Membership is open to all organizations for which an important component of their focus is the history of the human interaction with the environment. An institution such as a university department or a museum need not be solely focused on history nor solely focused on issues of environmental history to participate. And publishers, advocacy groups, and for-profit corporations and businesses may qualify for associate membership.

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World Congress of Environmental History

The 2nd World Congress of Environmental History (WCEH) was held July 7-14, 2014 in Guimarăes, Portugal. Convened every five years, scholars from all over the world gather to present and share their research and findings. The conference language is English.

[download 2014 World Congress flyer]

You can read about the first World Congress at the blog “Peeling Back the Bark.”