The Origins of the National Forests
A Centennial Symposium
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Robert Hendricks

Harold K. Steen


The Origins and Significance of the National Forest System
Harold K. Steen

The Forest Reserves and the Argument for a Closing Frontier
Patricia Nelson Limerick

The Lands Nobody Wanted: The Legacy of the Eastern National Forests
William E. Shands

Canadian Federal Forest Reserves, 1883-1933: A Parallel Experiment
Peter Gillis

How Do We Write and Interpret the History of National Forests?
Joseph A. Miller


Graziers and Reclamationists: The First Foresters?
William Rowley

Cautious Support: Relations Between The Mining Industry and The Forest Service, 1891-1991
Stanley Dempsey

Wildlife, Conservation, and the First Forest Reserve
John F. Reiger

The Historic Canyon Creek Charcoal Kilns
Michael Ryan

Vulcan's Footprints on the Forest: The Mining Industry and California's National Forests, 1850-1950
Kevin Palmer

Influence of the Forest Service on Water Development Patterns in the West
Pamela A. Conners


Indian Land Use and the National Forests
Richard White

The First Sagebrush Rebellion: Forest Reserves and States Rights in Colorado and the West, 1891-1907
Michael McCarthy

Private Lands Within National Forests: Origins, Problems, and Opportunities
Dennis L. Lynch and Stephen Larrabee

The Cooperation Imperative: Relationships between Early Forest Administration and the Southern California Metropolis, 1892-1908
Donn E. Headley


Forests and Reclamation, 1891-1911
Donald Pisani

Early Administration of the Forest Reserve Act: Interior Department and General Land Office Policies, 1891-1897
James Muhn

Yellowstone and its Borders: a Significant Influence Toward the Creation of the First Forest Reserve
Mary S. Culpin


Wooden Politics: Bernhard Fernow and the Quest for a National Forest Policy, 1876-1898
Char Miller

Congressman William Holman of Indiana: Unknown Founder of the National Forests
Ron Arnold

John B. Waldo and William G. Steel: Forest Reserve Advocates for the Cascade Range of Oregon
Gerald W. Williams


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