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Spring 2017

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The Spring 2017 issue was published in recognition of the National Park Serviceís centennial. Feature articles include a study of a tiny fish in the middle of the Nevada desert; the establishment of the national seashores; the 1970 riot in Yosemite National Park; sustainable agriculture and woodlot management in Cuyahoga Valley National Park; and the establishment of a new national monument in Maine. Additional articles offer reflections on the origin stories of the national park system, and the Leopold Reportís impact on wildland fire policy.

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Contents Spring 2017

[ i ] "Message from the President: In Recognition of the Centennial of Our National Parks"
"Editor's Note" by James G. Lewis
"Beyond the Campfire: A Founding Narrative for a Twenty-First Century National Park System"
by Rolf Diamant
"Vignettes of Primitive America: The Leopold Report and Fire Policy"
by Stephen J. Pyne
19 "The National Park Service Goes to the Beach"
by Jackie M. M. Gonzales
28 "The Stoneman Meadow Riots and Law Enforcement in Yosemite National Park"
by Michael Childers
35 "The 'National Playground Service' and the Devils Hole Pupfish"
by Kevin C. Brown
41 "Forests and Fields: Reconsidering the Rural Landscape in Cuyahoga Valley National Park"
by William M. Hunter
50 "The Maine Chance: Private-Public Partnership and the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument"
by Char Miller
57 "The Trouble with Climate Change and National Parks"
by Mark Carey
68 "Biographical Portrait: Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. (1822-1903) & Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. (1870-1957)"
by Alfred Runte
71 "History on the Road: A National Park System Road Trip"
by James G. Lewis
76 Books of Interest
by James G. Lewis and Eben Lehman

82 Back Cover