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Forest History Society Photo Galleries

The Forest History Society is constantly digitizing and cataloging images from its extensive Photograph Collection. This ongoing effort has produced an Image Database that is fully searchable through our web site.

As a supplemental research tool, we also provide browsing access to selected subject areas and auxiliary collections through online galleries. Please follow the links below to view photo galleries containing sample images along with associated cataloging information. Navigate through gallery pages by clicking on images, their labels, or the arrows near the top of each page. New galleries are added as more images are scanned and cataloged.

Note: Permission is required for any use of images.

Photo Galleries:
Sample Images from the Forest History Society Collections
Photo Galleries By Subject
  Aircraft -- Construction
  Aircraft -- Fixed Wing
  Aircraft -- Rotary
  Alabama Forestry Commission
  American Forest Council
  American Forestry Association
  Archives and Libraries
  Awards and Ceremonies

  Bandelier National Monument (N.M.)
  Biltmore Estate (Asheville, N.C.)
  Biltmore Forest School
  Biltmore Forest School -- Schenck
  Boating and Canoeing
  Boy Scouts
  Brands -- Log
  British Colonial Law
  British Columbia -- Spruce Study, 1947
  British Columbia -- Univ. of, Vancouver
  Brooks-Scanlon Corporation
  Bunyan, Paul

  Cabins -- Log/Shake
  California, Univ. of, Bancroft Library
  Campfire Girls/Girl Scouts
  Camping and Picnicking
  Canada -- Hart, Harold V. "Pete"
  Canada -- Kleiner, Leon J.
  Canadian Foresters
  Christmas Trees
  Cities and Towns
  Civilian Conservation Corps (by state)
  Clear Cuts -- General
  Clear Cuts -- Repeats
  Clearcutting -- Blocks
  Construction -- Mills
  Costa Rica
  Cutover Land
  Cutover Land -- Plant Regrowth

  Demonstration Forests
  Displays, Industrial
  Duke University

  Education -- Early Forestry Education
       --Michigan Agricultural College
       --Penn State University
       --Univ. of Washingon (Seattle)
       --NY State University (Syracuse)
       --University of California (Berkeley)
       --Oregon State College (Corvallis)
  Education -- Foresters
  Education -- Youth/Children

  Farms -- Animals
  Farms -- Fowl
  Farms -- In the Forest
  Farms -- Woodlots
  Fires -- Active Fire
  Fires -- Burned-over Areas
  Fire Communications
  Fire Crew Training
  Fire Danger Meters
  Fire Detection -- Fire Finding Equipment
  Fire Detection -- General
  Fire Detection -- Lookout Towers
  Fire Detection -- Patrols
  Fire Fighting Equipment
  Fire Prevention -- "Smokey Bear"
  Fire Suppression -- Aircraft
  Fire Suppression -- Hand Tools
  Fire Suppression -- Helicopter
  Fire Suppression -- Smokejumpers
  Fire Suppression -- Water
  Fire Weather -- Measurement
  Forest Entomology
  Foresters at Work
  4-H -- Awards and Groups
  Furniture Manufacturing

  Hiking and Riding


  Keep Green Campaign
  Keep Green Campaign -- California
  Keep Green Campaign -- Idaho
  Keep Green Campaign -- Maine
  Keep Green Campaign -- Misc. States
  Keep Green Campaign -- Minnesota
  Keep Green Campaign -- N. Carolina
  Keep Green Campaign -- Oregon
  Keep Green Campaign -- Pennsylvania
  Keep Green Campaign -- S. Carolina
  Keep Green Campaign -- S. Dakota
  Keep Green Campaign -- Tennessee
  Keep Green Campaign -- Washington

  Loggers -- Communities

  Loggers -- Communities -- Family Life

  Loggers -- Logging Camps

  Loggers -- Logging Camps -- Food

  Loggers -- Rodeos

  Logging -- Bucking and Limbing -- Axes

  Logging -- Bucking and Limbing -- Crosscut Saws

  Logging -- Bucking and Limbing -- General

  Logging -- Bucking and Limbing -- Power Saws

  Logging -- Felling

  Logging -- Felling -- Axes
  Logging -- Felling -- Crosscut Saws
  Logging -- Felling -- Power Saws
  Logging -- Felling -- Two-Man Power Saws
  Logging -- Hauling -- Horses and Oxen
  Logging -- Hauling -- Railroads
  Logging -- Hauling -- Railroads -- Shay Locomotives
  Logging -- Hauling -- Tractors and Wagons
  Logging -- Hauling -- Trucks
  Logging -- Log Drives -- Drivers
  Logging -- Log Drives -- Equipment
  Logging -- Log Drives -- Jams
  Logging -- Log Drives -- Logs in River
  Logging -- Log Drives -- Splash Dams
  Logging -- Log Drives -- Wanigans
  Logging -- Scaling
  Logging -- Yarding -- Aerial

  Mount Washington (New Hampshire)

  Nurseries -- Beal Nursery (MI)
  Nurseries -- Butternut Nursery (WI)

  Nurseries -- Cass Lake Nursery (MN)

  Nurseries -- Chittenden Nursery (MI)

  Nurseries -- Hayward Nursery (WI)

  Nurseries -- Toumey Nursery (MI)

  Nurseries -- Wyman Nursery (MI)

  Reforestation -- Planting -- Youth

  Snow Vehicles

  Timber -- Over Mature
  Tree Farms -- General
  Tree Farms -- Promotional Materials
  Tree Farms -- States -- Alabama
  Tree Farms -- States -- Arkansas
  Tree Farms -- States -- California
  Tree Farms -- States -- Dakotas
  Tree Farms -- States -- Idaho
  Tree Farms -- States -- Iowa
  Tree Farms -- States -- Louisiana
  Tree Farms -- States -- Maine
  Tree Farms -- States -- Massachusetts
  Tree Farms -- States -- Minnesota
  Tree Farms -- States -- Mississippi
  Tree Farms -- States -- New Hampshire
  Tree Farms -- States -- New York
  Tree Farms -- States -- Ohio
  Tree Farms -- States -- Oregon
  Tree Farms -- States -- Rhode Island
  Tree Farms -- States -- South Carolina
  Tree Farms -- States -- Texas
  Tree Farms -- States -- Vermont
  Tree Farms -- States -- Virginia
  Tree Farms -- States -- Washington
  Tree Species -- Cedar, Eastern Red
  Tree Species -- Cedar, Port Orford
  Tree Species -- Cedar, Western Red
  Tree Species -- Cedar, White
  Tree Species -- Chestnut
  Tree Species -- Fir, Douglas
  Tree Species -- Pine, Longleaf
  Tree Species -- Pine, Ponderosa
  Tree Species -- Pine, Sugar
  Tree Species -- Redwood

  Weather Damage -- 1938 Hurricane
  Winter Sports -- Hiking
  Winter Sports -- Ice Skating
  Winter Sports -- Pinkham Notch Area
  Winter Sports -- Shelters
  Winter Sports -- Sled Dog Racing
  Winter Sports -- Sleds and Toboggans
  World War I
  World War I -- 10th/20th Engineers

  more coming soon...

Auxiliary Photograph Collections
Cary, Austin: Forestry and turpentining in the pine forests of the southeastern U.S., 1918-1924 (view finding aid).

Davenport, Peters: Damage caused by the San Francisco earthquake and fires of April 1906, promoting the effectiveness of redwood as a fire-retardant construction material (view finding aid and online exhibit).

Early Forestry Education in America: Photos from the Society of American Foresters (SAF) Collection depicting activities at various U.S. forestry schools, circa 1920s.

Esser, Jonathan Keith: Biltmore Forest School trips (1910-1911); forest reconnaissance in the southern Appalachians (1912); service in the U.S. Army during WWI (view finding aid).

Funderburke, Kenney P.: Forestry and lumbering in Tres Barras in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, primarily during early 20th century (view finding aid).

Hall, Charles C.: USDA Forest Service activities in MT, NM, and Oregon, 1900s-1930.

Hart, Harold V.: Industrial forestry in the areas of Godbout and Oskelaneo, Quebec, Canada, 1920s-1960s (view finding aid).

Jordan, James: Early 1900s Wisconsin logging scenes (view finding aid).

Kephart, George S.: World War I images used in Kephart's manuscript, "Company 'E' and First Detachment 10th Engineers in France."

Kleiner, Leon J.: Lumbering industry in western Canada, 1914-1920 (view finding aid).

Leopold, Aldo: Selected early 20th century images from the life of the influential forester and ecologist.

Naval Stores Album: "A Pictorial Album of the Naval-Stores Industry," Forest Service, 1937 (view finding aid).

North Carolina Forest Service: A selection of images from a collection of 500 photographs taken between 1923 and 1944 that were commissioned by the North Carolina Forest Service. Subjects include lookout towers, exhibits, fire control practices, roads, signs, and more (view finding aid).

Parkinson, Dana: Forestry and recreation in the Western U.S., 1910s-1920s (view finding aid).

Puget Sound Pulp & Timber Company: Two photograph albums of Puget Sound Pulp & Timber operations in Bellingham and Clear Lake, Washington, circa 1930s-1940s (view finding aid).

The "Real" Smokey Bear: Injured bear cub "Smokey" donated to Washington Zoo, 1950.

Recknagel, A.B.: Cornell forestry school field trips to S.C., 1928-1934 (view finding aid).

Red River Lumber Company: Photograph album of Red River Lumber Company operations in Westwood, California, 1920s (view finding aid).

Sincic, Edward B.: Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) work in southern Illinois, 1936-1937 (view finding aid).

Urania Lumber Company: Logging and sawmill operations in Urania, Louisiana, 1938-1939 (view finding aid).

U.S. Forest Service, Eastern Region: A sampling of images from the Eastern Region Historical Photograph Collection; originals housed at the NARA Great Lakes Regional Archives (view finding aid).

Views From the National Forests: Forest scenes, 1914-1933 (view finding aid and online exhibit).

The Washington Traveler: A 1916 tourist guide to the Washington National Forest (view finding aid).

Woolsey, Theodore S., Jr.: Yale Forest School trips; USFS work, ca. 1910s (view finding aid).