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World War I: 10th and 20th Forestry Engineers / officersgallery_3th.jpg

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Image ID:  Officersgallery_3
Image Date:  [1918]
Image Title:  American Forestry's Portrait Gallery of Officers of the 20th Engineers (Forest) [American Forestry, Feb. 1918].
Image Caption:  1. 1st Lt. W. G. Conklin. 2. Capt. Frederick C. Moore. 3. 1st Lt. Frank Mizell. 4. 1st Lt. R. H. Rowdybush. 5. 2nd Lt. Luther B. McDaniel. 6. Capt. F. R. Weisel. 7. 1st Lt. J. H. Price. 8. 1st Lt. Alfred D. Kettenbach. 9. 2nd Lt. Charles J. Davis. 10. Major George H. Kelly. 11. 1st. Lt. Cornelius W. Smith, Chaplain. 12. Major William C. Moore.
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