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Forests in Fiction Collection.

For over 60 years the Forest History Society (FHS) has monitored the world of publishing for books, articles, and dissertations written as history and dealing with the utilization, management of natural resources and and appreciation of nature. Originally the information was kept on index cards, then in 1977 was published in North American Forest and Conservation History: A Bibliography by Ronald J. Fahl (Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO Press, 1977). Since the early 1980s FHS has maintained the bibliography in a computer database, which is continually updated and searchable.

Coverage and Scope of the FHS Environmental History Bibliography

The Bibliography contains over 45,000 annotated citations to books, articles, and dissertations published from 1633 to the present and is updated online quarterly. Approximately 1,000 citations are added each year. Recent additions also appear quarterly in the “new scholarship” section of the journal Environmental History. Items are selected because they provide a historical perspective on such topics as:

*  Atmospheric sciences   *  Natural resources management
*  Botanical exploration   *  Nature in art & literature
*  Conservation law & legislation   *  Oceanographic studies
*  Conservation organizations   *  Outdoor recreation
*  Deforestation   *  Parks & nature reserves
*  Ecology   *  Philosophy of nature
*  Endangered species   *  Pinchot, Gifford
*  Energy   *  Public health and the environment
*  Environmental movement   *  Public lands policy
*  Environmental protection   *  Rangelands
*  Federal land management agencies   *  Soil conservation
*  Fish & fisheries   *  Sustainable development
*  Forest industries   *  Tourism
*  Global climate change   *  Tree planting
*  Herbal medicine   *  Tropical rainforests
*  Historical geography   *  Urban environments
*  Land use   *  Water resources development
*  Landscape architecture   *  Watersheds
*  Leopold, Aldo   *  Wilderness
*  Mining   *  Wildlife conservation & biodiversity
*  Muir, John   *  Wood products

Suggestions Welcome

We welcome suggestions for additions or corrections to the Bibliography.

Search Assistance Available

If you have difficulty searching the database, our library staff will be glad to perform custom searches of the Bibliography and email the results to you.

Obtaining Materials Listed in the Bibliography

We learn about publications from many different sources, therefore the FHS library does not house all materials described in the Bibliography. To borrow books listed in the Bibliography, try locating them in your nearest university or large public library. If the libraries do not own the books themselves, they may be able to obtain them from another library through inter-library loan (ILL).