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Inventory of the American Forestry Association Records, 1875 - 1997

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Descriptive Summary

Abstract: Established in 1875, the American Forestry Association is the oldest group in North America organized to promote forest conservation. The organization became American Forests in 1992.
The collection includes correspondence, articles, manuscript surveys and reports on forestry, newspaper clippings, and published material relating to the American Forestry Association. Includes studies and investigations, awards, directors' minutes, directors' correspondence, annual meetings, annual reports, elections, miscellaneous, Redwood National Park, and miscellaneous administration. There are few materials dating before 1900; the bulk of the collection dates from the 1930s-1960s. Among the prominent correspondents are William B. Greeley, Ovid Butler, Gifford Pinchot, and Samuel T. Dana. One large component of the materials is the American Forestry Association Photograph Collection, which encompasses a wide array of significant images pertaining to forestry and conservation history in the 20th century. The collection was created and maintained by AFA's American Forests magazine division.
Title: American Forestry Association Records, 1875 - 1997
Creator: American Forestry Association
Repository: Forest History Society Library and Archives
Call Number: 3233
Language of Material: Material in English
Extent: 154 linear feet
(224 archival boxes, 28 record cartons)

Historical Note

Established in 1875, the American Forestry Association is the oldest group in North America organized to promote forest conservation. The organization became American Forests in 1992.

Collection Overview

The collection includes correspondence, articles, manuscript surveys and reports on forestry, newspaper clippings, and published material relating to the American Forestry Association. Includes studies and investigations, awards, directors' minutes, directors' correspondence, annual meetings, annual reports, elections, miscellaneous, Redwood National Park, and miscellaneous administration. There are few materials dating before 1900; the bulk of the collection dates from the 1930s-1960s. Among the prominent correspondents are William B. Greeley, Ovid Butler, Gifford Pinchot, and Samuel T. Dana. Additional accessions are expected.

The American Forestry Association Photograph Collection encompasses a wide array of significant images pertaining to forestry and conservation history in the 20th century. The collection was created and maintained by AFA's American Forests magazine division. The bulk of the collection dates from before 1960 and contains a rich selection of early Forest Service photographs, as well as images of forest fires, logging, and forest management. The records also hold notable scenes from national parks, forests, and monuments in the United States. The images in the "Scenes" files represent a diverse and impressive range of topics dating primarily from the early to mid-20th century. Most of the images therein depict American scenes (organized by state and subject) with one section devoted solely to scenes from foreign countries. There are also images depicting AFA activities, including their Big Trees project, urban forestry initiatives, Trail Riders of the Wilderness expeditions, and staff functions.

Collection Arrangement

1. Original Deposit, 1875-1984

2. Perry Hagenstein's Files, 1980-1997

3. Administrative Files, 1950-1964

4. Photograph Collection, 1901-1996

Subject Headings

  • American Forestry Association
  • Butler, Ovid
  • Dana, Samuel Trask, 1883-
  • Forest conservation -- United States
  • Greeley, William B.
  • National parks and reserves
  • Nature conservation -- Societies, etc.
  • Pinchot, Gifford
  • Forests and forestry--Fire management
  • Historic trees.
  • Forest restoration.
  • Forests and forestry.
  • United States. Forest Service.
  • Forest fires.
  • Logging
  • National forests of America
  • Forests and forestry--Recreational use

Separated Material

The "Big Trees" and "Tree Species" portions of the Original Deposit section of the collection were partially processed in 2005-2006 using grant funding provided by the North Carolina Preservation Consortium. All original photographs from these portions were removed from these boxes and interfiled into the Forest History Society Photograph Collection: Tree Species files. Photo Removal forms have been inserted into appropriate folders.

Materials related to Kendall Laughlin have been segregated into a new collection: Kendall Laughlin Papers

Detailed Description of the Collection

1. Original Deposit, 1875-1984.

Box 1
Other Forestry Workshops
Press Releases
Miscellaneous Inquiries for 1967 Workshop
1967 Annual Meeting: Notes and Clippings
1967 Annual Meeting Correspondence: Panels and Program, Speakers
1967 Annual Meeting: Correspondence: Field Trips and General Miscellaneous
1967 Annual Meeting: Correspondence: Exhibits and Films
Final Report, News Clippings
Box 2
Applicants for Workshop
Organized by state, then whether rejected and accepted.
Wisconsin: Coordination Correspondence
Wisconsin: Rejected
Minnesota: Rejected
Minnesota: Accepted
Minnesota: Coordination Correspondence
Michigan: Rejected
Michigan: Accepted
Illinois: Rejected
Illinois: Accepted
Reply for Workshop Recommendations
Workshop: Receipt of Application
Reply for Successful Applicants
Reply for Unsuccessful Applicants
Workshop Progress Notes
Michigan: Coordination Correspondence
Box 3
Illinois: Coordination Correspondence
At Large: Accepted
At Large: Rejected
Wisconsin: Accepted
Trees for Tomorrow, Inc.
Workshop: Inquiries, All Other States
Workshop Speakers
Late Requests for Information
Miscellaneous: Workshop
Forestry Workshop
Box 4
Bond Issue Records, 1916
Box 5
Miscellaneous Material, 1907-195
Bond Issue, 1914
Joseph T. Rothrock, 1929
62nd Annual Meeting, 1937
"Dean Henry S. Graves to Retire from Yale Faculty," 1939
World War I Work
Includes "Home Canning and Drying of Vegetables and Fruits" by the National War Garden Commission (1918); Notes on the National War Garden Commission; War Service of the American Forestry Association; and 4 original color sketches for gardening posters by J. Paul Verrees.
Forestry Publication in Chinese, circa 1956
Box 6
Special Investigation: Correspondence, 1921
Includes correspondence regarding a special investigation into the management of the American Forestry Association instituted by a group of members who were foresters and included H.H. Chapman. Includes rebuttals by then Secretary of the AFA, Percival S. Ridsdale.
World War I: Forest Seeds to Europe Project, Correspondence, 1918-1922
Box 7
American Forestry Association History, 1875-1898 and through 1950
Box 8
Reports: North Carolina
Reactions and Attitudes of Private Forest Landowners in North Carolina toward the Pulp and Paper Industry by Charles R. Miller, 1961
Forest Landownership Report, undated
Detailed Tables: Study of Forest Landownership in North, after 1960
Long-range Forestry Program for North Carolina by North Carolina Forestry Council, 1962
Buyers of Forest Products in North Carolina, 1963
Box 9
Kenneth Pomeroy: Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reports, 1960-1965
Box 10
Forest Resource Appraisal, Revised Gray Book, 1947
Forest Resource Appraisal Report presented to Higgins Lake Committee, 1946
Report of the Forest Resource Appraisal, 1947
Revised Green Book, 1947
Forest Resources of South Carolina, 1945
Virginia: Forest Resource Appraisal, 1946
Colorado: Story of Colorado's Forest Resources, 1945
Forest Facts for Georgia District 2, 1945
Forest Facts for Georgia District 8, 1945
Douglas Fir Region: Forest Resources of the Douglas Fir Region, 1946
Georgia: An Estimate of Forest Resources for 26 Counties Surrounding Macon, Georgia, 1944
Planting: Needed Planting Programs, 1946
Pulpwood: Supplies of Pulping Wood in the Continental United States, 1946
Douglas Fir Region Report, 1946
Box 11
Forest Land and Stand Figures, Western Washington, to 1945
Georgia: Forest Facts for Georgia Districts 1-10, 1945
Douglas Fir Region Report
Forest Statistics - Pacific Coast States, to 1945
Forest Resource Appraisal: State and Regional tables, 1947
Box 12
Photo Negatives of Laurentide Plantations, 1924
Film: Logging
Box 13
New England General Report: Articles from American Forests, 1945
Trail Riders of the Wilderness, 1938
"AFA's First Eighty Years" by Samuel T. Dana, 1956
Nomination Blank for Distinguished Service Awards in Forest Conservation, 1953 and 1959
2nd Annual Report of the Southern Forestry Educational Project, 1930
Final Report of the Southern Forestry Educational Project, 1931
Report of the State Forestry Associations, 1944-1949
Minutes of 1948 Meeting of Board of Directors, Mr. Jewett
Connecticut: Forestry Frontier in Connecticut, after 1944
Financial: Correspondence and Pamphlets, 1954
United States Geological Survey Maps of United States, 1890s
9 maps
Forest Resource Appraisal: Karl T. Frederick
Edward P. Stamm Correspondence, 1952-1953
Audit Reports, 1947-1948
United States Geological Survey Maps of Counties in Massachusetts, 1896
4 maps
Box 14
Walter Mann and Staff: Letters and Questionnaires as "Publisher Counsel for AFA," 1945
Walter Mann and Staff: Correspondence with Board of Directors in Regard to Contribution, Raising Funds, 1945
Walter Mann Study Project: Contribution Received, 1945
Walter Mann Study Project: Requests
Box 15
1950 Annual Meeting: Miscellaneous Correspondence and Materials for Meeting
1950 Annual Meeting: Office Memoranda
1950 Annual Meeting: Programs: 69th Annual Meeting of AFA at Eagle River, Wisconsin, October 9-11, 1950
1950 Annual Meeting: Miscellaneous Correspondence
1950 Annual Meeting: Publicity
1950 Annual Meeting: Speakers
1950 Annual Meeting: Speeches
American Forests, December 1953, March 1953, September 1954, September 1956, November 1956, and September 1965
Box 16
CARE: Correspondence, 1950
Society of American Foresters, Division of Public Relations: Correspondence, 1948-1952
Box 17
Fire Insurance for Forests
Standing Timber Insurance: Correspondence, January to February 1956
Standing Timber Insurance: Correspondence, 1955
Standing Timber Pool: Stock Insurance Company Research Committee on Standing Timber Insurance, 1955-1956
Stock Insurance Company Research Committee on Standing Timber Insurance: Correspondence, 1956
Stock Insurance Committee, 1955-1956
Standing Timber Insurance, 1955
Haleybury, Ontario, Conflagration, October 4, 1922
Articles on Forest Fires, Insurance, and Stability of Lumber Industry
Standing Timber Insurance Association: Constitution, 1956
Constitution of Factory Insurance Association, 1954
Constitution of Logging Underwriting and Inspection Association, 1948
Standing Timber Insurance Form, 1956
Miscellaneous Material, 1955-1956
Includes articles on regional insurance.
North Carolina Land Photographs
Box 18
Stock Insurance Research Committee: Reports to Subscribers, 1956
Standing Timber Insurance: Rate Calculation, 1955-1956
Miscellaneous Notes: SF and PNW Interviews and Conversations, 1955 and 1956
Standing Timber Insurance Committee, 1955-1956
Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana Material for Rate Purposes, 1956
Society of American Foresters, 1934-1936
Box 19
Lowell Besley: Personal Correspondence, 1956
Honorable Ezra Taft Benson
Lowell Besley: Personal, 1953-1955
Lowell Besley: Speeches, Bulletins, and Other Materials
Lowell Besley: Statement of, at Hearing on HR, 1953
Lowell Besley: Statement before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations and the Budget Estimates for the Fiscal Year 1957 for the U.S. Forest Service, January 1956
Box 20
"Proceedings of the 4th American Forest Committee," 1953
A Program for American Forestry, 1950s
The National Community Christmas Tree, 1953
Articles on Forest Resource Appraisal, 1943-1948
The Progress of American Forestry, 1945-1953
"The Forester," January to August 1898
"Forest Legislation in America Prior to March 4, 1789 (1916)" by J. P. Kinney
"Ballinger: Pinchot Investigation," 1910
Official Program of the 79th annual AFA convention, 1954
AFA and Florida Forest Association, 80th Annual Meeting, 1955
82nd Annual Meeting Program, 1957
"Instructions for Appraising Stumpage of National Forests," 1922
"Distribution of Softwood Lumber in Middle West," 1917
The American Museum Journal, 1918
AFA and Canadian Forestry Association, 1950
Miscellaneous Articles
Includes "The Bowling Ball of Hungry Horse,"" Luther's Tree," bat trees in Congo; and one color photograph.
Box 21
Forest Resource Appraisal: Board Action, 1943-1946
Forest Appraisal Project: Forest Study Project Committee of the Board, Dana, Mullen, and Pack, and Finance Committee Correspondence, 1942-1943
Office Memoranda, 1954-1955
National Citizens Committee for Education Television, 1954
National Information Bureau, 1933-1953
Board's Committee on Forestry and Land Use, 1942
AFA Board of Directors: Forest Program Committee, 1946
A Program for American Forestry, 1947
Dinner: Government Officials, April 18, 1947
Miscellaneous Forms
Program for American Forestry: Forest Resource Appraisal by Regions
Forest Resource Appraisal Action and Results and Ohio Project, 1942-1947
Box 22
Form Letters and Reports to the Board of Directors, 1956-1964
Box 23
AFA History: Presidents and Meetings, 1875-1950
1964 Elections of Certain Directors
1964 Elections Committee to Select Directors
1963 Election of Certain Directors
1963 Elections Committee to Select Directors
1962 Election of Certain Directors
State Forestry Associations, 1951-1952
1950 Council of State Forestry Association Executives
Committee on State Cooperation, 1944-1949
Box 24
Forest Landownership Study Committee: Correspondence, 1954-1958
Forest Landownership Study Committee: Memoranda to Directors, 1954
Higgins Lake, Michigan, 1953
Mimeo Committee Reports, Program, and General Information on Goals
Attendance Letters and Correspondence with Participants
Box 25
By-Laws Committee, 1954
Mining Conference, Washington, D.C., 1955
Timetable on Mining Legislation, 1955
"Abuses Under the Mining Laws" by Levelan Van Dresser
Mining Legislation: Correspondence with Representative H. D. Cooley, 1955
American Forests, January to March 1953, November 1954, and December 1954
Mining Legislation: Miscellaneous Correspondence
Annual Meeting Committee, 1955
1955 Annual Meeting: Program Committee
Box 26
1950 Annual Meeting: Canadian Forestry Association
Conservation Award Candidates, 1950
Correspondence with D. C. Everest: Contributions to the 69th Annual Meeting, 1950
Newspaper Editors and Magazines Invited to send a Representative to the 69th Annual Meeting, 1950
Form Letters of Reports to the Board, 1927-1946
Forestry Workshop and Hawaiian Tour
Box 27
Evaluation of Students by Counselors, 1966
Program Evaluation by Students, 1966
Graduation Certificates, 1966
Examination Papers and Essays, 1966
Course Material
Miscellaneous: Correspondence from Eagle Rock
1964 Annual Meeting: Committee on Tours
Hawaiian Tour: Reservations Paid, 1967
Hawaiian Tour: Inquiries
Hawaiian Tour: Declined
Box 28
Board of Directors: Memo, Proposal, Statement, 1933-1935
Finance Committee: Meetings and Memos, 1933-1945
Daniel F. McGown, 1933-1941
Office Memoranda, 1947-1949
Gifford Pinchot, 1941-1943
Inter-American Conference of Conservation of Renewable Natural Resources, Colorado, 1949
FAO: Material Gathered for Foreign Foresters Meeting, Washington, D.C., 1948
Box 29
Minnesota Book: P. A. Livingstone Correspondence, 1960-1961
Minnesota Book: H. T. McKnight Correspondence, 1957-1961
Minnesota Landownership Study: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1957-1961
Minnesota Advisory Committee, 1962
Minnesota Landownership study: Advisory Committee Correspondence, 1961
S. T. Dana: Correspondence Regarding Minnesota Landownership Study and Other Topics
Minnesota Book: Lists Used in the Distribution of Book
A. A. Heckman: Correspondence Regarding Minnesota Landownership Study and Other Topics
Box 30
Notes for "North Carolina Lands" by Pomeroy and Yoho
Indians: History
Resources and Industries, 1962-1963
Figures, 1962
In the Beginning and Exploration
Evolution of Ownership, Before 1663
Ownership, 1663-1728
Ownership, 1729-1775
Ownership, 1776-1865
Box 31
Correspondence Concerning Journal, 1930-1931
Los Bosques Tropicales, 1966
Problemas Latinoamericanos en la Conservacion de los Recursos Naturales, 1965
La Administracion de la Fauna Silvestre en Mexico, 1964
Influencia de las Tendencias Mundiales Sobre las Politicas Forestales Tropicales en America Latina, 1966
El Ambiente y la Supervivencia Humana, 1966
XIII Informe Anual, 1965
La Conservacion del Suelo y el Agua en Mexico, 1966
Estudios Botanicos en la Region de Misantla, Veracruz, 1966
Minutes of AFA Official Meetings, January 1910 to June 1920
Box 32
1954 Annual Meeting: Speech by Lowell Besley
1954 Annual Meeting: Programs and Banquet Menu in Oregon Committees of AFA, 1952
Committee for State Forestry Cooperation, 1952
79th Annual Convention: Papers, 1954
1954 Annual Meeting: Miscellaneous Correspondence
1954 Executive Committee
1954 Finance Committee
1950 Financial Statement of Association Board Action in Regard to Publishing in December 1951 American Forests
Possible By-Law Changes, 1952
Committee on Revision of AFA By-Laws, 1950-1951
Board Action in Regard to Creation of National Insect and Disease Advisory Committee, 1951
Postcard Vote of Board of Directors on Naming of V. Young to Fill the 1951 Unexpired Term of C. C. Davis, as a Member of the Board
Box 33
Board of Directors: Correspondence, 1955
President and Directors: Correspondence with Mr. Rosencrans and Director, 1947-1953
Society of American Foresters, 1945-1955
Society of American Foresters, Washington Section: Program Committee, 1953-1954
Keep American Beautiful, 1964-1965
Books Reviewed, 1965
Honorary Life Members of AFA, 1935-1966
Committees on Elections, 1935-1961
"Wildland Ownership in California: History, Present Patterns, Problems," 1956
Box 34
George L. Drake: Correspondence, 1956-1961
Albert Ernest: Correspondence, 1956-1961
Mrs. Katherine J. Lee: Correspondence, 1954-1961
R.V. Miles, Jr., Director, 1961
Carl F. Rehnborg, 1958
Sephus S. Golden, Assistant Treasurer, 1956-1959
Kenneth B. Pomeroy, 1958
Lowell Besley: 1955 Statement before Senate Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs for Amending the Mining Act of July 1947, 1955
Lowell Besley: 1955 Statement before Mines and Mining Subcommittee of House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs Support HR 5561, 5563, 5572, 5577, 5595, 5742, 5891 and amend Act of July 1947, 1955
Lowell Besley: Statement before Senate Subcommittee on Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations in Budget Estimate for United States Forest Service, 1956
Lowell Besley: 1955 Statement before House of Representatives Subcommittee on Agriculture Appropriations of Budget Estimates Fiscal Year 1955 for United States Forest Service
Lowell Besley: Statement before Senate Subcommittee on Agriculture Appropriations on HR 8799 with Respect to Budget of United States Forest Service for 1955
Lowell Besley: Statement at Hearing on HR 4443, 4449, 4463 before House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, 1954
Lowell Besley: Suggested Revisions to Draft of HR 4646
Timetable on Mining Legislation, 1955
Analysis of Gains Made by the United States Forest Service Budget for Fiscal Year 1956
Lowell Besley: "American Forestry on the March" Address at 80th AFA meeting, 1955
Lowell Besley: "The Forester and Lumber Dealer Need Each Other," 1955
Lowell Besley: Statement on Behalf of AFA to Task Force on Water Resources and Power, Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government, 1954
Lowell Besley: "Carrying Out the Program for American Forestry" Delivered at 1954 Annual Meeting of AFA in Oregon
Lowell Besley: "Citizens Conservation Groups and Natural Resources Council of America" Presented to Yale
Forest School Alumni Dinner, 1955
"American Forestry on the March": Highlights of 1953-1955
"Our Future is in Forests," 1955
Lowell Besley: Day to Day Report to Board of Directors, June 1953 to May 1954
Box 35
Legislation, 1955-1956
1957 Budget Material
Forest Service Budget, Fiscal Year 1957
Decisions on Public Land Use: Secretary of Agriculture, 1953
Grazing Laws Hearings, 1953
Program for American Forestry, 1954
AFA Legislation: Mining, 1951-1955
Forest Landownership Study, 1954-1955
Use of water and Watersheds, 1955
Water Resources and Conservation, 1954-1955
Box 36
Summary Articles from American Forests, Central States
Illinois: Rreported by Brundage and Crow, 1945
Indiana: Reported by Brundage, 1945
Kentucky: Reported by Ed. R. Linn, 1945-1947
Missouri: Reported by Chas. R. Ross, 1946
Ohio: "Ohio's Forest Resources," 1944
Includes progress report based on survey conducted during 1939-1943 and recommended long-range forestry program.
Box 37
Pennsylvania: Volume Tables for Commercial Timber in the Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania, 1942
Pennsylvania: "Anthracite Forest Region of Pennsylvania"
Forest Inventory Summaries: Allegheny Forest
Experiment Station, 1944
West Virginia: Reported by A. B. Crow, 1945
Lake States, Reappraisals: Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Michigan: Reported by J. A. Donery, 1945
Tennessee: "Forest Resources of Tennessee." Based on 1945-1946 appraisal by State Conservation Department, Forestry Division, and AFA, 1946
Minnesota: Reported by J. A. Donery, 1946
Wisconsin: Reported by J. A. Donery, 1946
Box 38
Alabama: Forest Resource Appraisal by C. R. Ross, 1946
Florida: Forest Resources of Florida by Ed. R. Linn, 1946
Booklet for Florida: "The Timber Supply Situation in Florida," 1952
Georgia: Forest Facts for Georgia 1-10, 1945-1946
Mississippi: Reported by Ed. R. Linnm 1946-1948
Reprints: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, 1945-1946
Box 39
Forest Resources
Arkansas: Reported by A. M. Emmerling, 1945
Louisiana: Reported by Ed. R. Linn, 1945
Oklahoma: Reported by A. M. Emmerling, 1947
Texas: Booklets, 1937-1944
Articles on Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, 1945-1947
Delaware: Reported by A. B. Crow, 1945
Maryland: Map, Report by Buttrick, Woods, Kaylor, Crow, 1945
New Jersey: Reported by H. S. Kernan, 1946
New York: Reported by H. S. Kernan, 1946
New York: Forest Resources and Cutting Practices in New York State, 1944
Pennsylvania: J. Tillinghast Report and Kernan Article, 1946-1947
Box 40
Summary Reprints: North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, 1945-1947
North Carolina: Reported by C. P. Ross and G. K. Slocum, 1945
South Carolina: Based on a Survey of 1945-1946
Wyoming: 1944 Questionnaires, Reported by J. L. Deen and J. C. H. Robertson, 1944-1948
Idaho: 1946
Arizona: Reported by J. C. H. Robertson, 1945
Colorado: Public Landownership in Colorado, Tabulations and Maps, 1944, and "Forests of Colorado," 1948
New Mexico: Reported by J. C. H. Robertson, 1946-1951
Utah: Pamphlets, Reported by J. B. Woods, 1947
Plains States: Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota
North Dakota: Reported by J. A. Donery, Woods, Appraisal, 1946
South Dakota: Reported by J. A. Donery
Maine: Reported by J. B. Woods, 1947
Massachusetts: Reported by H. S. Kernan, 1945
New Hampshire: Reported by J. B. Woods, 1947
Rhode Island: Reported by P. L. Buttrick, 1944
Vermont: Reported by J. B. Woods, Booklets, 1945
Box 41
Office Memoranda, 1950-1953
AFA Membership Advisory Committee: Correspondence, 1951
A. Koroleff: Correspondence, Articles on Woodland Management, 1947-1951
Hubbard, Dilley and Hamilton, Inc.: Correspondence, Reports of J. Hall, 1949-1953
Hoover Commission: Articles, Speakers, 1949-1950
"Growing Your Trees," 1951
Box 42
Southern Forest Fire Prevention Conference
Book 1: Correspondence, Proposals, and Other Materials, August 1955 to January 1966
Box 43
Southern Forest Fire Prevention Conference
Book 7, #601-700, March to April, 1956
Book 1, #1-100.1, August to November 1955
Book 2, #101-200, December 1955 to January 1956
Book 5, #401-500, February to March 1956
At Louisiana: Memoranda, Minutes, Speeches, Program, Resolution, and Proposal, 1956
Box 44
Southern Forest Fire Prevention Conference
Book 3, #201-300, January to February 1956
Book 6, #501-600, March 1956
Book 4, #301-400, February 1956
Box 45
Southern Forest Fire and Woods Arson Conference: Aims, 1955-1956
"The ABC of Trees": Dr. Carl A. Schenck, Correspondence, 1950-1956
Mr. E. Stamm in Regard to Forest Landownership Study, 1956
FRA Program Committee, 1946
Program for American Forestry: Pamphlets and Articles, 1948
Forest Appraisal Project: Publicity, 1943-1947
Box 46
Tennessee Valley Authority: Forestry Investigations, Correspondence and Pamphlets, 1953-1955
AFA Legislative Program, 1953-1954
Southern Regional Education Board: "Education for Forestry in the South," 1954
Speeches Made by Members of the AFA Staff, 1949-1954
Television: Free Time, 1953
Tennessee Forest Festival, 1953
Committee on Association History and Achievements, 1952
United States Forest Service Budget, Including Congressional Statements by AFA, 1955-1956
Legislation: Public Laws, 83rd Congress, 1953-1954
Southern Forest Fire Prevention Conference: Indexes and #801-818
Box 47
Mining Legislation, 1955
Water Resources, 1954
Senate and House Documents
Bills: House of Representatives and Senate
National Wildlife Federation: Conservation News Bulletin, 1956
Conservation News Service, 1953-1954
Legislation: Senate, 83rd Congress, 1953-1954
Box 48
Christmas Pageant of Peace, 1958
California State Park System: 5 Year Master Plan, 1956-1961
Southern Forest Fire Prevention Conference: Pamphlets and Other Materials
National Parks and Monuments: Bills and Articles, 1956
Public Lands: Bills in the House of Representatives, 1956
National Forest Recreation: Congressional Bills
Wilderness Areas: S 4013, Humphrey, Minnesota: Establish U.S. National Wilderness Preservation System, 1956
Gila Wilderness Area, 1956
1956 Statement before Senate Subcommittee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce: Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
Water and Stream Control, P.L. 1018: Amend Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act, 1956
Water and Stream Control: Senate and House Bills, 1956
Box 49
McGee Bend Dam, East Texas: AFA's Letter to House Committee and Reports of A. G. Hall and Lockwood, Andrews and Newman, 1956
"Conservation Reports": National Wildlife Federation, January to May, 1956
"Outdoor News Bulletin": February to March, 1956, and JunetoDecember, 1956
Legislative Daily, July and August, 1956
Soil Bank Act, 1956
Alaska Game Law Revision, 1956
Wildlife: HR 9742, Blitch, to Provide for the Protection of the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge, Georgia, 1956
Forestry: S 4059, Humphrey et al., Forest Products Pricing Legislation, 1956
Forestry: Senate and House Bills, HR 9724, 1956
Public Laws: 84th Congress, First Session, 1955
Governmental Functions: Forest Credit, 1956
Governmental Functions: S 3275, HR 11570, Bonner, Reorganization of Fish and Wildlife Service, 1956
Governmental Functions: S 3386, Establish Commission for the 1956 Celebration of the 100th anniversary of Theodore Roosevelt's Birth
Governmental Functions: Murray, et al., to Provide for the Observation and Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the First Conference of State Governors for Protection of Public interest, of Natural Resources of the United States, 1956
Governmental Functions: National Forests Recreation Study, S 4096, 1956
Governmental Functions: Reports of Committee on Government Operations, Al Sarena Case, Federal Timber Sales Policies, 1956
Governmental Functions: Federal Lobby Act, PL 601, 79th Congress, 1956
Governmental Functions: House bills, Fish and Wildlife and HR 10837, 1956
Mining: Colorado, 1954-1955
Aztec Lands: Bill, Congressional Record, 1954-1955
Miscellaneous: GOP Platform, Conservation Issues Marked, 1956
Box 50
Magazine Stories on States and Their Forests
Alabama, by C. R. Ross, 1947
Arkansas, by A. M. Emmerling, 1945
California, by B. P. Kirkland, 1946
Colorado, by J. L. Deen, 1945
Connecticut, by H. S. Kernan, 1948
Delaware, by A. B. Crow, 1945
Florida, by Ed. R. Linn, 1948
Georgia, by B. F. Grant and A. E. Patterson, 1946
Idaho, by J. B. Woods, 1947
Illinois, by R. C. Brundage and A. B. Crow, 1946
Indiana, by R. C. Brundage, 1945
Iowa, by J. A. Donery, 1946
Kansas, by J. B. Woods, 1948
Kentucky, by Ed. R. Linn, 1947
Louisiana, by Ed. R. Linn, 1945
Maine, by J. B. Woods, 1948
Maryland, by H. S. Kernan, 1945
Massachusetts, by H. S. Kernan, 1946
Michigan, by J. A. Donery, 1945
Minnesota, by J. A. Donery, 1948
Missouri, by C. R. Ross, 1947
Montana, by J. B. Woods: Questionnaires, 1946
Box 51
Magazine Stories on States and Their Forests
Montana, by J. B. Woods: Questionnaires, 1946
Nebraska, by J. B. Woods
Nevada, by J. B. Woods, 1946
New Hampshire, by J. B. Woods, 1947
New Jersey, by H. S. Kernan, 1947
New Mexico, by J. B. Woods, 1949
New York, by H. S. Kernan, 1946
North Carolina, by C. R. Ross and G. K. Slocum, 1945
North Dakota
Ohio, by R. C. Brundage, 1946
Oklahoma, by A. M. Emmerling, 1948
Oregon, by J. V. Woods, 1946
Pennsylvania, by H. S. Keenan, 1947
Rhode Island, P. L. Buttrick, 1944
South Carolina, by C. R. Ross, 1947
South Dakota, by J. A. Donery, 1947
Texas, by J. B. Woods, 1945
Vermont, by J. B. Woods, 1945
Virginia, by H. S. Kernan, 1947
Washington, by B. P. Kirkland, 1947
West Virginia
Wyoming, by J. C. H. Robertson, 1945
West Coast Stories: "How Much Can Be Harvested" by B. P. Kirkland, 1946
Box 52
Form Letters and Reports to the Board of Directors, 1947, 1953-1955
Letters About Schenck, 1951
Box 53
Resources for the Future, Inc., 1953-1954
Information Concerning Associations and Miscellaneous, 1952-1956
Box 54
Fourth American Forest Congress: Proceedings, Requests, and Correspondence, 1953-1954
Fourth American Forest Congress: Miscellaneous of Railroad Regents Correspondence, 1953
Fourth American Forest Congress: 1953 Annual Meeting, Badges, Miscellaneous Correspondence, Programs, Other Materials, 1953
Fourth American Forest Congress: Time Schedule Form Letter, 1953
Fourth American Forest Congress: Form Letters, 1953
Southern Governors' Conference: Spring 1956 Reendorsement of Special Woods Arson Conference and Correspondence, 1955-1956
Southern Governors' Conference: 1955 Resolution on Forestry And Woods Arson Conference
Box 55
Fourth American Forest Congress: Hotel Reservations, Correspondence, 1953
Fourth American Forest Congress: Contributions, Correspondence, 1953
Fifth American Forest Congress: Planning Committee, Correspondence
1963 Fifth American Forest Congress: Program
1963 Fifth American Forest Congress: Correspondence, Participants
1963 Fifth American Forest Congress: Correspondence, Contributors
1963 Fifth American Forest Congress: Correspondence, Contributions and Miscellaneous
1963 Fifth American Forest Congress: Correspondence with Statler Hotel
1963 Fifth American Forest Congress: Memoranda
1963 Fifth American Forest Congress: Correspondence, Miscellaneous
Box 56
Forestry Program: Miscellaneous Reports, Lists, Budget, and Other Materials, 1947-1948
Forestry Program: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1947-1948
Fundraising Campaigns: Booklets and Memo, 1948
C. W. Mattison, C.W.: A Proposal for a Conservation Education Program for AFA, Presented 1960
Board of Directors, Correspondence, 1960-1961
1963 Fifth American Forest Congress: Publications Distributed in Connection
1963 Fifth American Forest Congress: Publicity
1963 Fifth American Forest Congress: Registration Lists, Mimeographed
Fifth World Forestry Congress: Correspondence and Bulletins, 1960
E. P. Stamm, President: Correspondence, 1964
Henry R. McKnight: Correspondence, 1957-1964
Box 57
AFA History: Development of Magazine, 1875-1950
Other Publications
Box 58
Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission, 1958-1960
Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission, 1961
Report of the Forest Resource Appraisal, 1947
1961 Nominating Committee
1960 Nominating Committee
1959 Nominating Committee
1958 Nominating Committee
1957 Nominating Committee
1956 Nominating Committee
Box 59
Forest Resource Appraisal: Study Program, 1944
FRA: Financial, 1943-1946
FRA: Financial, Miscellaneous, 1943-1946
Douglas Fir Committee: Oregon and Washington, Contribution Received from Douglas Fir Groups of Oregon and Washington to FRA, 1943-1946
AFA Forest Resource Appraisal Audit Reports, 1943-1946
Central Pennsylvania Mining Timber Supply, by J. Tillinghast for the Central Pennsylvania Coal, 1947
Producers' Association
Illinois Coal Field and Its Timber Supply, by J. Tillinghast for Illinois Coal Operators' Association, 1945-1946
Kanawa Coal Field and Its Timber Supply, by J. Tillinghast for Kanawa Coal Operators' Association, 1945-1946
Logan Coal Field and Its Timber Supply, by J. Tillinghast for Logan Coal Operators' Association, 1945-1946
New River Coal Field and Its Timber Supply, by J. Tillinghast for New River Coal Operators' Association, 1945-1946
Ohio Coal Mining and Its Timber Supply, by J. Tillinghast for Ohio Coal Association, 1945-1946
Pocahontas Coal Field and Its Timber Supply, by J. Tillinghast for Pocahontas Land Corporation, 1945-1946
"Wanted 80,000,000 Poles" by H. S. Kernan, 1947
American Forests
Western Pennsylvania Mining Timber Supply, by J. Tillinghast for Western Pennsylvania Coal Producers' Association, 1947
Williamson Coal Field and Its Timber Supply, by J. Tillinghast for Williamson Coal Operators' Association, 1947
1948 Forest Resource Appraisal Correspondence: Miscellaneous
Requests for Special State or Other Reports: FRA, 1945-1947
Maine Report, 1947
New Hampshire Report, 1947
FRA Breakdowns: Financial Contribution, Lists, 1946
Forest Resource Appraisal: Contributors, 1946
West Virginia: Summary: Mining Timber Studies, mid-1940s
Box 60
H. T. McKnight, General Chairman: Correspondence, 1962 AFA Annual Meeting
1962 Annual Meeting Committee
1962 Annual Meeting General Committee: Correspondence
1962 Annual Meeting Program Committee
1962 Annual Meeting Exhibits Committee: Correspondence
1962 Annual Meeting Finance Committee: Correspondence
Memoranda to Board of Directors, 1955
Memoranda to Board of Directors, 1954 and prior
Box 61
The contents of Box 61 are photocopies and reside in a single manuscript box labeled "61." The originals are stored for preservation purposes on an empty shelf above Box 61 and are divided into two manuscript boxes, labeled "61-A" and "61-B" (files in each box numbered chronologically).
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Forest Service Circular, 1908: What Forestry Has Done by T. Cleveland, Jr.
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Farmer's Bulletin, 1908: Conservation of National Resources by Gifford Pinchot
Report of Secretary of Agriculture on Southern Appalachian and White Mt. Watersheds, 1908
Hearings Before the Committee on Public Lands (House of Representatives S5054) Act to provide for Disposal of Timber on Public Lands, 1904
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Forest Service Circular, 1908: Relation of Southern Appalachian Mountains to the Development of Water Power by M. O. Leighton, M. R. Hall, R. H. Bolster, U.S. Geological Survey
"Oregon's Heritage of Natural Resources: Shall They be Conserved for the People?" Address of J. N. Teal, 1909
"We Must Preserve Our Forests, Protect Our Watersheds and Promote the Utilities of Our Rivers From Source to Sea," by W. Sulzer, 1908
"The Control, Development and Utilization of the Missouri River and Its Tributaries," 1908
Nebraska State Board of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Forest Service Circular, 1908: A Primer of Conservation
House of Representatives Report Extending Time for Constructing Dam Across Rainy River, 1908
Article from Sierra Club Bulletin, 1909
Articles, Speeches, Letters, Pamphlet and S4825 in House of Representatives, circa 1909
Materials concern forestry, mainly Save the Forests in the Appalachian and White Mountains.
Appalachian-White Mountain Resolutions and Petition, 1906-1908
Appalachian and White Mountain Issue: Forestry, Coal Mining, and Water Power, 1906-1907
House of Representatives and Senate Bills, 1906 and 1909
The Appalachian National Forest Question, 1908
Conservation of Natural Resources, 1908
Preservation of Water Power in Wisconsin by Griffith, after 1907
The Appalachian-White Mountain National Forests
Appalachian-White Mountain Resolutions and Petitions, 1906-1908
Articles, Memos, Letters: Forestry and Flood Due to Deforestation, 1908
Reclaim Swamps, National Forests
Box 62
Redwoods and Parks
California Redwood Association: Correspondence and Printed Matter, 1964-1967
Congressman Clausen: Correspondence and Printed Material, 1965-1966
Conservation Associates: Reports on Parks and Correspondence, 1966
Counties: Reactions of Concerning Redwood Park, 1964-1968
Samuel T. Dana: Correspondence Regarding Redwood Park, 1965-1968
Del Norte and Humboldt Counties, 1965-1968
1965 Del Norte County Budget
Information and Data on Department of Employment, 1963-1964
Eureka Chamber of Commerce, 1964
Box 63
Redwoods and Parks
Addresses, Questions, and Other Matters, 1964
AFPI Our Growing Redwoods, 1965
California: Correspondence Concerning State's Position Regarding the Redwood Park, 1965-1967
North Coast Redwood Master Plan, A Preliminary Report, 1965
California Resources Agency: Correspondence and Printed Matter, 1963-1967
Division of Parks and Recreation: Correspondence, 1963-1968
North Coast Redwood: Printed Matter and Data, 1965
Master Plan, Preliminary Report
California Chamber of Commerce, Eureka, Humboldt
Box 64
Redwoods and Parks
Miscellaneous, News Articles, 1964-1968
National Parks Magazine, February 1965
State Forests: Published Material, 1963-1966
Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1965
Save-the-Redwoods League: Correspondence and Bulletins, 1962-1968
Box 65
Redwoods and Parks
Forest Practice Act: 1964 Edition of Rules, Reprints about the Act
U.S. Forest Service: 1954 Forest Statistics for California, 1964-1966
Emanuel Fritz: Letters, Booklet by Him, Article, 1964-1965
Division of Highways: Printed Matter, Correspondence, Pictures, 1964-1965
Individuals: Correspondence, 1964-1966
Propaganda to Corporations, Congressional Records, 1967-1968
Senate Hearings, April 17-19, 1967
House Hearing, May 20-22, 1968
Purchase Unit Exchange
Loose Material
Box 66
Redwoods and Parks
Frank and Dean Solinsky: Correspondence, 1964-1966
Sierra Club, 1964-1967
SAF: Position on Redwood Park, 1964-1965
Loose Material on Hearing of May 21, 1968 before Subcommittee on Interior and Insular Affairs
Kenneth B. Pomeroy: Correspondence and Statement on Redwoods, 1968
National Park Service
Redwood Region Conservation Council News Clips
North Coast Timber Association: Data, 1964
Private Organizations, 1964
Public Agencies, 1964-1965
Research: Magazines and Bulletins, 1964-1965
Box 67
Redwoods and Parks
Simpson Timber Company: Correspondence Mainly with Kenneth B. Pomeroy, 1964-1968
Interviews and Reviews of Publications: Notes on Cards
Redwoods: Correspondence with Kenneth B. Pomeroy, 1966-1967
D. Nelson Lecture
Redwoods, 1966
Redwoods: Correspondence and Printed Material, 1967
U.S. Department of Interior: Redwoods Hearing, November 22, 1965
Box 68
Redwoods and Parks
Redwoods Report by Kenneth B. Pomeroy and Samuel T. Dana, 1965
News Releases, Clippings, and Other Material
San Francisco Conference on Redwoods: Statements, Correspondence, 1965
Preliminary Report, "Redwood Parks in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, California" by Samuel T. Dana and Kenneth B. Pomeroy
Redwood Bills: Congressional, 1967-1968
San Francisco Meeting: Letters Accepting or Refusing Invitation to Facts on Redwood Park Proposals, 1965-1966
Georgia-Pacific Corporation: Reports, 1963
Planning for Growth: California, 1955
California Plans: Department of Finance, Annual Report, 1961-1962
Material on Assembly Committee on Natural Resources, Planning and Public Works
Miller-Rellim Redwood Companies: Redwoods Forever, after 1964
Box 69
Redwoods and Parks
Redwood Bills: Congressional, 1966
Redwood News Release, February 21, 1966
Observations on Redwood Park Proposals, 1966
Redwood: Statements, Correspondence (Mostly by Kenneth B. Pomeroy), and Information on Redwoods, 1966
Industries: Information Data, 1965-1966
Arcata Redwood Company: Articles and Information, 1961 and 1964
Miller-Rellim: Correspondence and Information, 1965-1967
Recommendations of AFA Concerning Redwood Parks, February 1965
Conclusions Submitted to Directors of AFA, 1965
Box 70
A Preview of Reclamations Northwestern California Plan, U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation, 1965
Natural Resources of Northwestern California Fish and Wildlife, Appendix, U.S. Department of Interior Fish and Wildlife Service, 1960
Natural Resources of Northwestern California: Recreation Resources, Appendix, U.S. Department of Interior National Park Service, 1958
Letter and Report on Eel River, California: Flood Control, 1965
Report for Flood Control and Allied Purposes: Russian River, California, 1964
Redwood National Park: Letter on San Francisco Conference, Kenneth B. Pomeroy, 1965
Conflict in the Redwoods, 1965-1967
Information on Redwoods, 1968
Proposal for a Pacific Redwood National Park and Seashore, 1966
The Coast Redwoods, Water and Watersheds by P. E. Black, 1967
Some Relationships Between Redwood Parks and the Humboldt County Economy by G. H. Allen and R. W. Becking, 1966
Redwoods by National Forest Products Association, undated
Work Plan for a Study of the Regeneration and Residual Growth of Redwood Following Selective Cutting by EW Pierson, undated
Lectures by D. Nelson: "Conflicts, Competition and Conservation Problems of Wildland Use" and one on Redwoods
Box 71
AFA's Redwood Park Conference: Kenneth B. Pomeroy
Review Draft: Redwood Parks in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, California by Samuel T. Dana and Kenneth B. Pomeroy
Reporting Units, Quarterly Insured Wages and Monthly Employment in Various Fields, by Counties of the State of California, 1954-1963
Boundary and Landownership: Proposed Redwood National Park, including Possible Additions, U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service, 1967
Save the Redwoods League: Bulletins, Published Material, 1961-1968
California Roadside Council: Signs Out of Control, Against Billboards
California Redwoods Association: Questions and Answers About the Redwoods
Department of Public Works: Highway and Freeway Planning, 1963-1964
AFPI: Our Growing Redwoods, 1964-1965
Union Lumber Company: Annual Report, 1963
Pacific Lumber Company: Annual Report, 1963
Redwood Reg.: Park and Recreation Plan, 1965
Box 71
Department of Parks and Recreation, Division of Beaches and Parks: Summary of Capital Outlay for Construction, July 1945 to June 1963
Map of Southern Humboldt County
Proposed Redwoods National Park: Map
Property Ownership Report: State of Califorinia, 1964
Two Maps of Humboldt County
The Thousand Year Flood: Six Rivers on a Rampage, Souvenir flood Edition by Eureka Newspapers, Inc., 1964
Monthly Employment by Various Industries in Del Norte, Humboldt and Mendocino Counties, California, 1950-1963
Redwoods Region Conservation Council: News Clips, September to December 1965
Maps Concerning Redwoods National Park, Proposed Area
Box 73
National Park Service Coast Redwood Study
Ecology of the Redwood
Fish and Fish Habitats of the Coast Redwood Region in Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte Counties in California
Climate, Soils and Hydrology. Insects
Small Mammals
Big Game
Impact of Use, Summary, 1963-1964
Boundary Description for a Humboldt Redwoods National Park
Box 74
AFA Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington, 1971
Program: 96th Annual Meeting of The American Forestry Association. Toward Balanced Forest Use. Olympic Hotel, Seattle, Washington. October 10-13, 1971.
Remarks Presented at the 96th Annual AFA Meeting in Seattle, Washington
"Towards Balanced Forest Use On Private Industrial Forest Lands" by C. W. Richen, Vice President, Northwest Timber Division, Crown Zellerbach. October 11, 1971.
"The Environment And The National Parks" by John A. Rutter, Director, Pacific Northwest Region, National Park Service. October 12, 1971.
"The Crisis Is Past," Speaker unknown. October 12, 1971.
"Toward Balanced Forest Use on Public Lands" by Rexford A. Resler, Regional Forester, U.S. Forest Service, Portland, Oregon. October 11-13, 1971.
"Balanced Use Of State Resources" by Bert L. Cole, Commissioner of Public Lands, State of Washington. October 12, 1971.
"Resource Use In An Urban State: Changing Priorities" by Arnold D. Rhodes. September 29, 1971.
"Management And Use Of The Public Lands." Speaker unknown, undated
"The Shelton Sustained Yield Unit Twenty-Five Years Of Government Industry Cooperation" by Starr W. Reed, Vice President, Timberlands, Simpson Timber Company. October 12, 1971.
Miscellaneous Publications Relating to the Environmental Impacts of Seattle's Ross Dam
"Drowning The North Cascades: The Unfinished Story of Ross Dam," undated
"Ross Dam: High Ross Dam - A Damaging International Project." Leaflet produced by North Cascades Conservation Council, undated
"Do You Want THIS In Your Brand-New National Park And Recreation Area?" Poster produced by Patrick D. Goldsworthy, President, North Cascades Conservation Council, undated
Box 75
Kenneth B. Pomeroy
Lester P. Voigt
Washington Post: Letters to the Editor
Washington Star: Letters to the Editor
Mrs. Marion T. Weatherford
Troy M. Rodlun
Dr. Stephen H. Spurr
"Plant a Tree" by Paul Ott
U.S. Forest Service: Fire Management, Outstanding Service Award
Dr. Gerald B. Farrar
Buenos Aires, September to October, 1972
Board Meeting: March 7-8, 1974
Board Meeting: September 29, 1974
Tree Planting Awards: Correspondence
Fernow Award: Correspondenc, 1972-1974
Cliff Reception, May 5, 1972
Edward P. Cliff: Reception
Cradle of Forestry
Board Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 21, 1972
Board Meeting, Washington, D.C., March 7-8, 1972
Sixth American Forest Congress: Acceptances to Serve on Committee
The Program: Mr. Towell
Sixth American Forest Congress: Responses to Original Draft Mailed October 15, 1974
E. U. P. Towell Material
Sixth American Forest Congress: Responses to May 1976 AF Publication
Sixth American Forest Congress: Committee, Miscellaneous, Original Correspondence
American Forests
AFA By-Laws
Program for AFA
AFA Centennial, History Committee, Washington, D.C., 1975
Sixth American Forest Congress: Proceedings
Report on the National Conference on Renewal Natural Resources, November 30 to December 3, 1980
AFA: Agenda, Executive Committee Meeting, July 7, 1981
Speakers' Bias
Sixth American Forest Congress: Letters of Invitation to Past Directors
Sixth American Forest Congress: Program, Drafts
Revised Draft: Mailed to Board of Directors, December 8, 1975
Sixth American Forest Congress: Co-Sponsors List
Box 76
Sixth American Forest Congress: Letters of Comment
Speakers: Thank You Letters
Sixth American Forest Congress: Responses to Attendance Letters
Sixth American Forest Congress: Meeting Attendance, September 26-27, 1974
Sixth American Forest Congress: Correspondence, Attendance
Sixth American Forest Congress: Program Drafts, to Drafting Committee, November 3, 1975
Sixth American Forest Congress: Original Draft of Program Prepared By Committee
AFA Centennial: Planning Committee, Washington, D.C., 1975
Sixth American Forest Congress: Letters to Committee's Chairman, August 12, 1975
Sixth American Forest Congress: Committees
Sixth American Forest Congress: Program Committee
National Conference on Renewable Natural Resources
Samson: Speeches
AFA's Urban Forestry: Advisory Committee
Memorandums: Interoffice
AFA's 1983 Reception Committee
Peter McChesney: Proposal for a Joint AFA/TNC Biological/ Educational Program
Rex Resler's Congressional Statement of August 16, 1982
Rex Resler's Congressional Statements
Rex Resler's Statement on James G. Watt
R. Neil Sampson
AFA's 1982 Annual Meeting and 2nd National Conference on Urban Forestry in Cincinnati, Ohio
AFA Planning Committee
AFA: RNR Conference
AFA: Golden Anniversary Trail Ride
AFA: People's Republic of China Delegation, September 16, 1980
AFA: Reception, 1981
AFA: Reception, May 1982
Renewable Natural Resources Extension Act (RREA)
Regional Representatives
Spring Conservation Retreat
Brown Director Company
National Council of Private Forests
The National Urban Forestry League
Urban Forestry
Urban and Community Forestry (UCF)
NU: Forest Minutes
109th Annual Meeting, September 30 to October 3, 1984
Annual Meeting
1987 Annual Meeting
Trail Riders Brochures
Box 77
Timber Valuation and Taxation
Timber Insurance (Smith/Sternau)
Timber Crop Insurance
9th World Forestry Congress
Requests for Information: Wills and Bequests
World Forestry Congress
Working Group: Nonindustrial Private Forest Lands
HD Chronology (Hank Debruin)
American Family Forest
American Family Forest: Michigan
American Family Fores: Mailing, January 31, 1984
Big Tree Program Proposal
American Conservation Volunteers
General Chronology, 1983
General Correspondence
Career and Job Correspondence
Form Letters
Box 78
Big Trees, by State
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
Box 79
Famous and Historic Trees
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
Manuscripts of Famous and Historic Trees
Box 80
Tree Species
European Sycamore
Tung Nut Tree
White Ash
American Basswood
American Beech
Gray Birch
Paper Birch
River Birch
Sweet Birch
Yellow Birch
Quaking Aspen
Red Alder
Oregon Ash
American Chestnut
Kauri (Exotic)
Cedar of Lebanon (Exotic)
Deodar Cedar (Exotic)
Chinese Elm (Exotic)
English Elm (Exotic)
Manna Gum (Exotic)
Cajuput Tree (Exotic)
Silver Poplar (Exotic)
Rubber Tree (Exotic)
Box 81
Tree Species
Monkey Puzzle (Exotic)
Southwestern Poplar
Carolina Poplar
Evergreen Sumac
Australian Pine (Exotic)
Box 81
Big Trees, by State
North Carolina
Box 82
Big Trees, by State
Rhode Island
South Carolina
Box 83
Big Trees, by State
Box 84
Talking Trees
Magnolia, Delaware and North Carolina
Big Tree Brochure, Finished Copy
National Register Update of Big Trees, 1982
Clippings: American Big Tree Publicity
Big Tree Publicity, January 1983
Box 64
Big Tree Brochure, 1978
Tree Trails Articles (Big Trees) Appearing in American Forests
Big Tree Contest Plans
Revision of the Big Tree List, 1951
Report on Big Trees, 1961
Social Register, Various Years
Register, 1974
Registers, Various Years
Proposed Big Tree Program Expansion
Box 84
Big Trees, by State
Alabama Big Trees, 1940-1959
Alaska Big Trees, 1940-1959
Arkansas Big Trees, 1940-1959
Arizona Big Trees, 1940-1959
California Big Trees: A-M, 1940-1959
Box 85
California Big Trees: N-Z, 1940-1959
Colorado Big Trees, 1940-1959
Connecticut Big Trees, 1940-1959
District of Columbia Big Trees, 1940-1959
Delaware Big Trees, 1940-1959
Florida Big Trees, 1940-1959
Box 86
Big Trees, by State
Georgia Big Trees, 1940-1959
Hawaii Big Trees, 1940-1959
Idaho Big Trees, 1940-1959
Illinois Big Trees, 1940-1959
Indiana Big Trees, 1940-1959
Iowa Big Trees, 1940-1959
Kansas Big Trees, 1940-1959
Kentucky Big Trees, 1940-1959
Louisiana Big Trees, 1940-1959
Box 87
Big Trees, by State
Maine Big Trees, 1940-1959
Maryland Big Trees, 1940-1959
Box 87
American Conservation: Proofs and Layouts
Various Photographs
Old Proofs, 1-50
Conservation of Wildlife, 14
State Parks
Box 88
State Parks
The Story of State Parks
National Monuments
National Parks
The War Against Forest Fires
Conservation of Fish Life
The Growth of State Forestry
The Dawn of Conservation
The Story of Lumbering
The Age of Wood
The Public Domain
National Forests Combined with National Forests of the East
Chapters 1-4, June 1959
General Comments
Box 89
Last of Great Domain
CCC-WPA Combined to Conservation Progress through Emergency Programs
Conservation and Forest Industry
Conservation of the Soil
Water: Final
Forest Tree Diseases
Problems of Water
Insect Enemies
Forest Research
Indian Forests
Spread of Forest Conservation
American Conservation: Proof Cuts
American Conservation in Pictures and in Story
Box 89
Tree Species Articles
"Knowing Your Trees": Decorative pages for Each Tree Species
Box 90
Live Oak
Photographs: Picas
Black Oak
Bur Oak
California Valley Oak
Canyon Live Oak
Chinquapin Oak
Chestnut Oak
Laurel Oak
Oregon White Oak
Overcup Oak
Pin Oak
Post Oak
Northern Red Oak
Eastern Red Oak
Scarlet Oak
Shingle Oak
Swamp Chestnut Oak
Swamp Red Oak
Swamp White Oak
Tanbark Oak or Tanoak
Water Oak
White Oak
Willow Oak
Osage Orange
Royal Paulownia
Austrian Pine
Bristlecone Pine
Coulter Pine
Digger Pine
Jack Pine
Jeffrey Pine
Limber Pine
Loblolly Pine
Lodgepole Pine
Longleaf Pine
Pinon Pine
Box 91
Pitch Pine
Pond Pine
Ponderosa Pine
Red Pine
Singleleaf Pinyon
Scotch Pine
Shortleaf Pine
Spruce Pine
Sugar Pine
Tablemountain Pine
Torrey Pine
Virginia Pin
Eastern White Pine
Western White Pine
Whiteback Pine
Balsam Poplar
Lombardy Poplar
Box 92
Tulip Poplar
Giant Sequoia
Black Spruce
Blue Spruce
Engelmann Spruce
Norway Spruce
Red Spruce
Sitka Spruce
Weeping Spruce
White Spruce
Swamp Black Tupelo
Water Tupelo
Box 93
Black Walnut
American Yellowood
Pacific Yew
E. V. P. Towell Correspondence
Dr. J. J. Shomon
Donohoe Construction Company
EPA: Model State Forest Practices Act
Virlis L. Fischer
Irving Feist
Forest History Society
Frank G. Eubank, Jr.
7th World Forestry Congress: Miscellaneous
Areas of Agreement Committee, 1972
Voit Gilmore
Hardwood Research Council, May 1-3, 1975
Box 94
7th World Forestry Congres: Paper and Summary
Trees for People
Tree Time USA
Areas of Agreement Committee
Annual Meeting: Prospective Sites Correspondence
Proposed Presentations: AFA National Tree Planting Conference, October 1972
Tom Gill
Forest History Society
Reginald D. Forbes
Dr. Samuel T. Dana
Cradle of Forestry, 1973
7th World Forestry Congress: Paper
1973 Annual Meeting, Lake Placid, New York, October 7-10, 1973
Box 95
Editor Replacement: Correspondence
National Tree Planting Conference: Speakers
Forest History Society
1977 Annual Meeting, Monterey, California, 1977
Forest History Society, 1978
Forest History Society: Special Projects Committee
Eighth World Forestry Congress
Box 96
Reorganization (Towell)
Towell: Final Research Report on Member Survey for AFA
EPA: Model State Forest Practices Act
U.S. Forest Service: Fire Management Outstanding Service Award
AFA Awards Committee
Program: National Tree Planting Conference
Plant America Time, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 1972
Box 97
National Tree Planting Conference: Memos to State Foresters
National Tree Planting Conference: Conference Sponsors
National Tree Planting Conference: Finance Committee
National Tree Planting Conference: Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 22-26, 1972
National Tree Planting Conference: Progress Report
National Tree Planting Conference: Letters to Speakers, Biographies, Photographs
National Tree Planting Conference: Director, Attendance, Reservations
National Tree Planting Conference
Box 98
National Tree Planting Conference
AFA Board of Directors Meeting, Washington, D.C., March 2-3, 1971
Board Meeting, Seattle, Washington, October 10, 1971
AFA Board of Directors Meeting, Washington, D.C., February 27-28, 1969
AFA Board of Directors Meeting, Colorado Springs, Colorado, September 20-21, 1969
Miscellaneous Correspondence: Annual Meeting, October 1971
AFA Board Meeting, Washington, D.C., March 12-13, 1970
Conservation Foundation
AFA Conservation Program Committee, 1969
Contributions, Vock
Citizens Committee on Natural Resources
AFA By-Laws Committee, 1969-1970
Robert P. Burroughs, 1969-1972
U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, 1970
Bridger National Forest, 1970
Sam R. Broadbent, Assistant Treasurer, 1969
AFA Foundation Contributing to Association
Cradle of Forestry Project
Box 99
Boy Scouts of America, 1970-1971
Boy Scouts of America: Conservation Advisory Committee, 1970
AFA: Books Printed by Association and Inquiries
Bridger National Forest and Wilderness, Wyoming
Fernow International Forestry Award
Fernow International Forestry Award: General Correspondence, 1963-1969
Fernow International Forestry Award: Verne L. Harper, 1965
AFA Executive Committee, 1969
Fernow International Forestry Award: Tom Gill, 1967
American Forest Institute
American Fisheries Society
AFA Board Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, October 4, 1970
Cradle of Forestry Advisory Committee Meeting, August 10, 1971
Box 100
Cradle of Forestry: Interpretive Story Plan, Phase I
Fernow International Forestry Award: S. C. von der Recke, 1966; Nils A. Osara, 1968; Champion, 1970
Fernow International Forestry Award: Enrique Beltran, 1969
Fernow International Forestry Award: General Correspondence, 1970
Fernow International Forestry Award: Amihud Y. Goor, 1971
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of the Secretary, 1971
Annual Meeting, Colorado Springs, Colorado, September 24, 1969
Forest History Society, Inc., 1965-1966
Council on Environmental Quality, 1971
Charles N. Connaughton, President, 1971
CM-2-Co-Op Forest Fire Program
Urban Forestry: House Hearings, May 19, 1971
CFM House Hearings, May 17, 1971
Box 101
Forest Fire Project
Wildfire Bills
U.S. Forest Service: Wildfire Statistics, 1970
Wildfire Material Since Introduction of Bill
Box 102
Bills: S3105, HR12873 and HR14903
Various Legislative Papers
Box 103
Tree Species
Buckeye, Ohio
Buckthorn, Cascara
Butternut (White Walnut)
Catalpa, Northern
Cedar, Alaska Yellow
Cedar, Atlantic White
Cedar, California Incense
Cedar, Eastern Red
Cedar, Northern White
Cedar, Port Orford White
Cedar, Western Red
Cherry, Black
Coffeetree, Kentucky
Cottonwood, Black
Cottonwood, Eastern
Cucumber Tree
Cypress, Arizona
Cypress, Bald
Cypress, Monterey
Dogwood, Flowering
Box 104
Dogwood, Pacific
Fir, Douglas
Elm, American
Elm, Slippery
Fir, Alpine
Fir, Balsam
Fir, Grand
Fir, Noble
Fir, Red
Fir, Silver
Fir, White
Gum, Sweet
Hemlock, Carolina
Hemlock, Eastern
Hemlock, Mountain
Hemlock, Western
Hickory, Bitternut
Hickory, Mockernut
Hickory, Pignut
Hickory, Shagbark
Hickory, Shellbark
Box 105
Holly, American
Hornbeam, American
Hophornbeam, Eastern
Juniper, Alligator
Juniper, Sierra
Juniper, Utahensis Speicer
Larch, Western
Locust, Honey
Locust, Black
Madrone, Pacific
Big Leaf Maple
Maple, Norway
Maple, Red
Maple, Silver
Maple, Sycamore
Myrtle, Oregon
Unused Photos
Maps from KYT
Red Mulberry
Ash, Black
Fir, Shasta Red
Silverbell, Carolina
Serviceberry, Downy
"Knowing Your Trees": General Correspondence, 1957
Box 106
"Knowing Your Trees"
Data from Tree Series
Various Photographs
Black Gum
Photographs, KYT, 1951
Photographs, Blue and Green Ash
Tree Series: Miscellaneous Material for Dr. Brush's Information
Green Ash
Ash, Pumpkin
Ash, Red
Chinkapin, Alleghany
Elm, Winged
Fir, Bigcone Douglas
Hercules Club
Hickory, Water
Larch, Alpine
Maple, Striped
Maple, Vine
Oak, Bluejack
Oak, California Live
Oak, Nuttall
Oak, Turkey
Pine, Monterey
Sand, Pine
Cypress, Pond
Redcedar, Southern
Tung Oil Trees (Exotic)
Sumack, Staghorn
Torreya, Florida
Elm, Water
Willow, Black
Willow, Peachleaf
Yew, Florida
Bull Bay
Birch, Western Red
Crab Apple
Hickory, Carolina
Honeysuckle (Native)
Joshua Tree
Drooping Juniper
One-seeded Western Juniper
Box 107
Oak, Durand
Lea's Oak
Oak, Rocky Mountain White
False Oliver
Willow, White (Exotic)
Willow, Weeping (Exotic)
Willow, Pussy
Pine, Knobcone
Mexican White Pine
Wild Plum
Natural History Magazine, April 1938
Hardwood Record Magazine, May 1938
European Larch (Exotic)
Rocky Mountain Juniper
Aspen, Big Tooth
Blue Ash
Rock Elm
Shumard Oak
Oak, Blackjack
Redbud, Eastern
Buckeye, Yellow
Miscellaneous Photographs Not Good Enough for Tree Series
Box 107
Big Tree Species
Massachusetts Big Trees, 1940-1959
Michigan Big Trees: A-S, 1940-1959
Box 108
Big Tree Species
Michigan Big Trees: T-Z, 1940-1959
Minnesota Big Trees, 1940-1959
Mississippi Big Trees, 1940-1959
Missouri Big Trees, 1940-1959
Montana Big Trees, 1940-1959
Nebraska Big Trees, 1940-1959
Nevada Big Trees, 1940-1959
New Hampshire Big Trees, 1940-1959
New Jersey Big Trees, 1940-1959
Box 109
Big Tree Species
New York Big Trees: A-K, 1940-1959
North Carolina Big Trees, 1940-1959
North Dakota Big Trees, 1940-1959
Box 110
Big Tree Species
Ohio Big Trees, 1940-1959
Oklahoma Big Trees, 1940-1959
Oregon Big Trees: A-M, 1940-1959
Box 110
Big Tree Species
Oregon Big Trees: N-Z, 1940-1959
Pennsylvania Big Trees, 1940-1959
Rhode Island Big Trees, 1940-1959
South Carolina Big Trees, 1940-1959
South Dakota Big Trees, 1940-1959
Tennessee Big Trees, 1940-1959
Texas Big Trees, 1940-1959
Box 112
Utah Big Trees, 1940-1959
Vermont Big Trees, 1940-1959
Virginia Big Trees, 1940-1959
Washington Big Trees, 1940-1959
West Virginia Big Trees, 1940-1959
Wisconsin Big Trees, 1940-1959
Wyoming Big Trees, 1940-1959

2. Perry Hagenstein's Files, 1997-1980.

Files pertaining to the American Forestry Association (AFA) that were generated and received by Perry Hagenstein during his tenure as an officer and member of AFA's board of directors from 1980 to 1997. Includes such materials as correspondence, financial statements, memoranda, minutes of meetings, and policy statements concerning AFA awards, board of directors, committees, fund raising programs, membership, organizational structure, policy positions, and program activities. Primary correspondents include other AFA officers and board members, especially Richard W. Behan, Paul Bofinger, Barbara Clark, Lynn Day, Carl Reidel, Rexford Resler, Thomas Ripley, Neil Sampson, Hester Turner, Frank Wadsworth, Scott Wallinger, and Peter Watzek.
Box 113
Includes materials related primarily to fund raising and proposed by-law revisions. Hagenstein served as an ex-officio member of AFA's board of directors in 1997.
Includes materials relating primarily to awards, board meetings, fund raising programs, Global Releaf, finances, program development, and a proposed merger of AFA with the Forest History Society, a nonprofit educational institution headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. Hagenstein served as an ex-officio member of AFA's board of directors in 1996.
Includes materials relating primarily to awards, fund raising, prospective new board members, program development, and possible merger with the Forest History Society. Hagenstein served as an ex-officio member of AFA's board of directors in 1995.
Includes materials relating primarily to board meetings, prospective new board members, AFA's strategic plan, AFA's position on U.S. forest policy, and concerns over revenue shortfalls. Hagenstein served as an ex-officio member of AFA's board of directors in 1994.
Includes materials relating primarily to AFA's position on U.S. forest policy, awards, election of officers, revenue shortfalls, and concerns about ensuring ethnic and gender diversity on the board of directors. Hagenstein served as an ex-officio member of AFA's board of directors in 1993.
Includes materials relating primarily to membership, revenues, prospective new board members, fund raising, by-law amendments, awards, and AFA positions on: ecosystem management, forest health, old growth logging in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, and the chief of the U.S. Forest Service. Hagenstein served as an ex-officio member of AFA's board of directors in 1992.
Includes materials relating primarily to content of American Forests magazine, long-range planning, fund raising, awards, prospective new board members, the Seventh American Forest Congress, AFA programs, and AFA's positions on: U.S. forest policy, the Vento "old growth" bill concerning logging in the Pacific Northwest, and global climate change. Hagenstein served as an ex-officio member of AFA's board of directors in 1991.
Includes materials relating primarily to content of American Forests magazine, board nominations, long-range planning, board meetings, AFA's proposed Center for Forest Policy, awards, AFA's support for U.S. Forest Service chief Dale Robertson and his guidance of that agency, and AFA's position on old growth logging in the Pacific Northwest. Hagenstein served as an ex-officio member of AFA's board of directors in 1990.
Includes materials relating primarily to board nominations, the Seventh American Forest Congress, Global Releaf, long-range planning, fund raising, AFA's National Forest Task Force, AFA's forestry and resource management policy, and AFA's positions on road building and logging in Pacific Northwest forests. Hagenstein chaired the Elections Committee and served as an ex-officio member of AFA's board of directors in 1989.
Includes materials relating primarily to AFA's Elections Committee, prospective new board members and officers, marketing, fund raising, and AFA's forest policy positions. Hagenstein was AFA's immediate past president in 1988.
Includes materials relating primarily to board meetings, board members, finances, awards, content of American Forests magazine, and AFA's position on U.S. forest policy. Hagenstein was AFA's immediate past president in 1987.
Includes materials relating primarily to board meetings, AFA's position on U.S. forest policy, content of American Forests magazine, concerns about the structure and function of the Association, and financial concerns regarding falling membership. Includes letter from AFA board member Lynn Day dated September 8, 1986 concerning lessons AFA might learn from the financial and programmatic crisis experienced by the Forest History Society during the late 1970s (Mrs. Day was on the Society's board of directors at the time). Hagenstein was president of AFA in 1986.
Includes materials relating primarily to board meetings, AFA programs and policies, awards, content of American Forests magazine, AFA's operating budget, and membership. Hagenstein was president of AFA in 1985.
Includes materials relating primarily to board meetings, AFA programs and policies, awards, membership, content of American Forests magazine, and the Association's executive vice president. Hagenstein was vice president of AFA in 1984.
Box 114
Includes materials relating primarily to committee meetings, board meetings, awards, AFA programs and policies, fund raising, finances, long-range strategic planning, and AFA's position on U.S. forest policy. Hagenstein chaired the Policy Committee and was vice president of AFA in 1983.
Includes materials relating primarily to board structure and members, awards, AFA's policy positions, fund raising, finances, and long-range strategic planning. Hagenstein was a member of AFA's board of directors in 1982.
Includes materials relating primarily to fund raising and membership. Hagenstein was a member of AFA's board of directors in 1981.
Includes materials relating primarily to fund raising and AFA's conservation policy. Hagenstein was a member of AFA's board of directors in 1980.
Seventh American Forest Congress, 1991-1980
Includes materials relating to AFA's role in promoting the need for the convening of a seventh congress.
Box A1
AFA Conservation Award Nominees,1954-1958
Box A2
AFA Conservation Award Nominees, 1953-1958
Box A3
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1954-1958
Box A3
Proceedings of the First State Foresters' Conference, Pennsylvania, 1920
Box A4
Conservation Awards Nominees, 1956-1958
Box A4
Walter Mann 1945 Questionnaires returned and 1946 Final Report on AFA Magazine Research Study
Box A4
Presentation of AFA Conservation Awards in 1958 by L. E. Partain
Box A5
Conservation Awards Nominees, 1954-1957
Box A6
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1954-1958
Box A7
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1951-1957
Box A8
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1954-1958
Box A9
North Carolina Landownership Study Advisory Committee, 1959-1963
Box A9
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1957-1958
Box A10
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1952
Box A11
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1954-1957
Box A12
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1957
Box A12
Responsibility of a State in National Forestry Program by J. Price, 1948
World Forestry Congress, Rome, 1926
Hall of Fame of Trees
Long-Range Forestry Program for North Carolina, 1950
Analysis of Statements and Proposals of 1st Session of 1946 American Forest Congress
Curriculum Vitae of Lowell Besley, until 1953
Tour of Duke University Forest by Southern Pulpwood Conservation
German Tour, 1945
1960 Conservation Awards: Miscellaneous Correspondence
Confidential Memoranda of FEH to the AFA Board of Directors in Regard to the 1959 AFA Conservation Awards, August 10, 1959
1959 Nomination Blanks for Conservation Awards: Requests
1958 Awards Committee
Box A13
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees and Other Materials, 1952-1958
Box A14
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1954-1958
Box A15
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1958-1962
Box A16
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees and Other Materials, 1954-1956
Box A17
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1954-1958
Box A18
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1953-1956
Box A19
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1956-1963
Box A20
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees and Other Materials, 1948-1964
Box A20
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees,
Box A21
AFA Conservation Awards Nominees, 1952-1958
Box B1
Minutes of Board Meetings, 1929-1943
Box B2
Minutes of Board Meetings, 1947-1953, and Form Letters and Reports to the Board of Directors, 1948-1950
Box B3
Minutes of Board Meetings, 1944-1954, and Form Letters and Board of Directors, 1954
Box B4
Minutes of Board Meetings, 1948-1949, and Form Letters and Reports to Board of Directors, 1951-1952
Box B5
Minutes of Board Meetings, 1941-1952 and 1963
Box B6
Minutes of Meetings, 1920-1940
Box B7
Annual Financial Reports and Minutes Board Meetings, 1940-1962
Box B8
Minutes of Board Meetings and Other Materials, 1950-1965
Box C1
Directors' Correspondence, 1944-1954
Box C2
Directors' Correspondence, 1944-1953
Box C3
Directors' Correspondence, 1945-1952
Box C4
Directors' Correspondence, 1939-1952
Box C5
Directors' Correspondence, 1939-1953
Box C6
Directors' Correspondence, 1954-1956
Box C7
Directors' Correspondence, 1952-1958
Box C8
Directors' Correspondence, 1940-1960
Box C9
Directors' Correspondence, 1955-1964
Box C10
Directors' Correspondence, 1953-1963
Box C11
Correspondence of Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Director of AFA, 1946-1965
Box C12
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Box C13
Correspondence Regarding Commemorative Postage Stamps, 1958-1960
Box C14
Kenneth B. Pomeroy and Other Correspondence
Includes Kenneth B. Pomeroy correspondence, ballots, and materials North Carolina Landownership Study.
Box C16
Kenneth B. Pomeroy and Other Correspondence
Box I
Elections, Directors, 1928-1956
Box II
Elections, Directors, 1953-1959
Elections, Directors, 1943-1946
Box IV
Elections, Directors, 1948-1951
Box V
Elections, Directors, 1941-1954
Box VI
Elections and Other Materials, 1958-1965
Box D1
Annual Meetings, 1948-1949
Box D2
Annual Meetings, 1949
Box D3
Annual Meetings, 1950-1952
Box D4
Annual Meetings, 1952-1955
Box D5
Annual Meetings, 1958
Box D6
Annual Meetings, 1958-1959
Box D7
Annual Meetings, 1951
Box D8
Annual Meetings, 1961
Box D9
Annual Meetings, 1961 and 1963
Box D10
Annual Meetings, 1960-1961
Box D11
Annual Meetings, 1962
Box D12
Annual Meetings 1960
Box E1
Annual Reports and Audits, 1923-1932, and Meeting Minutes, 1953-1960
Box E2
Annual Reports and Audit, 1932-1952
Box E3
Annual Reports and Audits, 1928-1940
Box E4
Annual Reports and Audits, 1941-1951
Box F1
Correspondence with 1955 Honorary Vice Presidents: Form Letters
1957 Annual Meeting: Correspondence
D.C. Everest, President and Director: Correspondence, 1951-1953
Executive Director: File Related to Kaylor, Who Should Succeed
O. Butler as Executive Director
Material on Forest Resources, Articles
Western States Study
Wood Poles
Annual Reports, 1945
Minutes of Board Meetings, January and October, 1948
AFA Conservation Award: Summary of Applicants' Qualifications
Program for American Forestry: Statistics on Referendum
Everest: Pulp and Paper Industries Sustaining Membership, Withdrawn, 1953-1954
Box F2
Materials about Norwegian Foresters who Came to Work for United States Companies
Material Regarding AFA's Help with Four Norwegian Foresters, 1951-1953
Fourth World Forestry Congress, 1954
World Scope Encyclopedia: AFA Financial and Literary Contributions
Resolutions Adopted at 1938,1939 AFA Annual Meetings, 1933-1939
1956 Annual Meeting: Correspondence
Pulp and Paper Industrial Sustaining Memberships Secured by Mr. D.C. Everest, New and Renewal, 1952-1953
Box F3
1961 Life Membership Solicitation: No Response, 1961
Forest Service: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1949-1964
American Conservation: In Picture and in Story-Reading References
Nominating Committees to Select President, Vice President, Treasurer, and 21 Honorary Vice Presidents, 1962-1963
Finance Committee, 1958-1961
Executive Committee, 1957-1961
Building Improvement Committee, 1959
Arthur N. Pack, Director, 1961-1966
Vertrees Young, Director, 1961-1966
Minutes of Board Meetings, 1964
Box F4
1953 Conservation Awards: Candidates, Miscellaneous Requests for Nomination Blanks
Association of State Foresters: Annual Meetings, 1948-1950 and 1952-1955
Chamber of Commerce of the United States: Natural Resources, Public Land Policies, 1946-1954
Forest Conservation Society of America, 1953
Izaak Walton League of America: Conservation Policies, 1947-1948
Conventions, Resource Recommendations, Criticism on Federal Policies
National Parks Association: Declaration of Policy
Second National Watershed Congress: Committee on State, 1955
Responsibilities: Press Releases, Speeches, Committee Reports
Natural Resources Council of America, 1950-1956
Box F5
Timber Resource Review: Correspondence with Pulp and Paper
Companies and U.S. Department of Agriculture
Carl A. Schenck: Manuscript Correspondence
Statements, Speeches, Statistics of Lowell Besley
Conservation News Service, January to October, 1956
Carl A. Schenck: Manuscript, Mainly Editing Suggestions, 1953-1954
Box F6
Association Business, 1940-1944
Association Business, 1933-1939
1953 Higgins Lake Conference: Proposed Program for American Forestry, 1953
1946 Higgins Lake Conference: Miscellaneous Correspondence
Conservation News Service: Copies and Requests, Directors
Bureau of Plant Industry Appropriations: AFA Efforts to Get More Money in this Bureau for Disease Control, 1953
Boy Scouts of Americ, 1950-1955
Form Letters for Membership Solicitation, 1954
Forest Program Letters: Comments and Contributions, 1954
Applications for Employment, 1951-1955
1954 By-Laws Committee, 1955 Committee on Elections
Box F7
Carl A. Schenck: Arrangements, Schedules, Pictures, and Other Material, 1950-1952
Mining Claims Conference, 1952
Advisory Committee on Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, 1953-1956
Muskingum Watershed, 1945-1954
National Fire Protection Association: Forest Committee, 1946-1954
Box F8
Southern Forest Fire Prevention Conference: Souvenir Program, 1956
Association Business, 1945-1953
Fourth American Forest Congress: Correspondence, Requests for Contributions, Attendance, 1953
Fourth American Forest Congress: Forest School Deans, Form Letters of Invitation
Fourth American Forest Congress: Form Letter, Contributions
Southern Forest Fire Prevention Congress
Box F9
Will of Oran W. Rice: Gift of Tract of Land to AFA to Memorialize Dorothy Francis Rice
Office Memoranda, 1956-1957
Hatheway Estate Matters, Mrs. Louise Ayer Hatheway
W. S. Rosecrans, Director, 1961-1965
Employment Application, 1960-1964
Boy Scouts of America
Natural Resources Council of America, 1959-1964
Box F10
Booklets: National Water and Power Policy, Hardwood Pulp
Boy Scouts of America: President Of AFA on Their Conservation Committee
Friends of the Land: Letters, Magazines, and Other Materials, 1959-1960
Inter-office Memos, 1958-1959
1958 Conservation Award: Confidential Memo Informing Directors of Winners
Correspondence Trying to Obtain Industrial Memberships to AFA, 1951
Pictures of TVA, Other Dams, Reclamation
Pictures of National Parks, Fire, Wildlife, Nature, Fishing
Miscellaneous, Unrelated Material: Chainsaw Pictures, Redwoods, State Parks
Water Pollution
Box F11
Ovid Butler Correspondence, 1954-1956
Dam Pictures
Article, Proof Sheets: TVA
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC): Article, Proof Sheet
Works Progress Administration (WPA) in Conservation: Articles, Proof Sheets
Conservation and Industry: Proof Sheets
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC): Proof of Article
Miscellaneous Notes and Material for checking "American Conservation"
Bartlett Carry Club: Ownership Almost Transferred to AFA
Canadian Forestry Association
Outline of Articles for Magazine
Commonwealth Fund
C. M. Goethe: Correspondence Regarding Bequest to AFA, when Made to be Set Up as the Mary Glide Goethe Memorial Fund, 1947-1952
Grazing: Legislation and Pressure for Legislation, 1933-1953
Conservation Pictures
Box F12
Galley Proofs
Pamphlets: Water for Millions and Our Heritage
Fourth American Forest Congress: Miscellaneous
Material on Higgins Lake Conference, 1946 and 1953
Program for American Forestry: Preliminary Material
Fourth American Forest Congress: Program, Contributions
Second Higgins Lake Conference, 1953
Land Policy of the AFA Board, 1950
Report on Supply and Production of Wood Poles in the United States, 1946
National Park Service: Administrative Manual
Box F13
AFA Forest Resource Appraisal: Supplemental Reports
Biltmore Forest School Reunion
Correspondence, History, Bills of Schenck
Proceedings AFA Fourth American Forest Congress, 1953
Work Plan Book: Forest Resource Appraisal, Ovid Butler, 1944
Forest Resource Appraisal Report Presented to Higgins Lake Committee, July 14-18, 1946
Forest Resource Appraisal: Preliminary Recapitulation, 1946
Forest Resource Appraisal: Revised Gray Book, Supplemental Reports, 1947
Forest Resource Appraisal: Supplemental Report, 1946
Forest Resource Appraisal: Revised Green Book, Supplemental Reports, 1947
Forest Resource Appraisal: Revised Green Book, Supplemental Reports, 1946
Box F14
National Forests of the East, 1954
Wilderness Movement
Forest Research
Pests of Forests: Insects and Diseases
Conservation of Soil
Civilian Conservation Corps: What CCC Did for Conservation of Natural Resources
Conservation and Forest Industry
Information from American Forest Products Industries
Planning for the Future
The Last of a Great Domain
Story of the Ages: Finding of the Forests
Forest Exploitation Begins
The Dawn of Conservation
Edition Page of "American Conservation," 1956
The National Forests
Growth of State Forestry
Story of Lumbering
War Against Forest Fires
National Monuments
National Parks
State Parks
Conservation of Wildlife
Box F15
Membership Reports, 1951-1957
Minutes of Board Meetings, 1954
Council of Forestry Association Executives, 1955-1960
California Lands: Ownership, Use, and Management: Final Report, Correspondence, 1958
Forest History Foundation, 1955-1959
Richard J. Preston, Jr., Director: Correspondence, 1958-1961
National Standing Timber Insurance Committee, 1955-1956
Natural Resources Council of America: Membership List, Speeches, Statements Mailed to Members, 1953-1958
Box F16
AFA Miscellaneous
American Forest Fire Medal
American Forest Products Industries: Farm Woodlot Conference - Speeches, Agendas, Handouts, 1953
Council of State Forestry Association Executives, 1953
Second Higgins Lake Conference: Contributions Requested, 1953
American Standards Association: Report on Sawmills, 1954
Wildlife Management Institute, 1953-1955
Requests for By-Laws of Other Conservation Organizations to Use in Planning those of AFA, 1953
Natural Resources Information Committee: Not AFA Committee, 1953
North American Wildlife Conference, 1951-1956
Council of Forestry Association Executives, 1954
Box F17
California Department of Natural Resources: Summary of Capital Outlay for Construction for Period, 1945-1956
California Department of Natural Resources: Property Ownership Report, 1956
California Department of Natural Resources: Project Status Report, 1957
Minutes of Board Meetings, 1958
Klamath Indian Forest: Correspondence On Controversy Between AFA and Private Industries, 1957-1958
President's Council on Youth Fitness, 1959-1961
Requests to Iron and Steel Companies for Contributions to Forestry Program and List of Contrubtours from Iron, Coal, and Steel, 1947
Contributors to Forestry Program, 1947
Stewart H. Holbrook: Correspondence In Regard to March 1958 Article in American Forests, "Greeley Went West"
Contribution Prospects for Forestry Program, Individuals, 1943-1948
Canadian Forestry Association: Letters, Tree Farms, and Insect Control, 1953
Map of Coronado National Park, Arizona and New Mexico, 1957
Box F18
State Landownership Studies
Book Reviews Published, 1961-1962
Book Marks, 1954-1955
Books Reviewed, 1964, Written Reviews, Letters from Publishers
Box F19
Corrections in Manuscript: North Carolina Landownership Report, 1962
Census, North Carolina, 1960
Municipalities, North Carolina
Reports on North Carolina Forestry
Forest Survey, 1962 and prior
State Forests, North Carolina
National Park Service: Pamphlets and Maps, Carolinas, since 1950s
U.S. Forest Service: North Carolina, Some Data
Box F21
Forestry Data, Mainly Graphs, North Carolina
Samuel T. Dana: Pomeroy Report on Redwoods Printed in May 1965
American Forests
Review Draft of "Redwood Parks in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, California"
Samuel T. Dana: California Redwoods Project
AFA Policy Resolutions for Consideration of 5th American Forest Congress Planning Committee (1962), 1954-1962
Committee to Consider Function of AFA Regarding Water Problems, 1958-1960
1961 Committee To Consider Function of AFA Regarding Water Problems
1962 Water Committee
1963 Water Committee
Union Bag: Camp Paper Corporation Sustaining Membership, 1956-1963
Samuel T. Dana, "The First 90 Years," 1965
Box F22
Book Reviews Published, 1963
Forest History Society, Inc., 1960-1964
North Carolina Book: Foundations Written, 1964
AFA Office Memoranda, 1960-1964
Highlights of AFA Program for American Forestry and History of Association, 1954
Resolutions Passed by Board of Directors, 1926-1965
Forestry Program: Prospects, Companies and Associations, 1947-1948
Box F23
Soil Conservation Service: North Carolina
TVA: 1949 Study by Charles J. McCarthy, 1960-1961
State Parks: North Carolina, 1955-1961
Outline and Correspondence: North Carolina Lands Ownership, Use, Management
Official Survey Base: North Carolina
Boundaries: North Carolina
Settlement: North Carolina
North Carolina Study: Reviews and Comments, 1963
State Parks: Attendance by Visitors, 1961
Corrected Reviews and Comments on North Carolina Study, 1963
North Carolina School of Forestry
Department of Vocational Education
Box F24
North Carolina: Appendix, Property Tax, County Landownership, Zoning Ordinance
U.S. Fish and Wildlife: Southern United States
Land Owned by State Agencies: North Carolina, Correspondence and Other Materials, 1960-1961
Department of Administration, North Carolima, 1958-1959
Highway Right-of-Way: North Carolina, Long-Range Highway Needs, 1960
Kerr Reservoir, North Carolina
State Forests, 1961-1962
Wildlife Refuge, 1961-1962
North Carolina Department of Water Resources, 1961
Department of Recreation
Box F25
Indian Forests: Article, late 1950s
Indian Forests: Congressional Bills, Correspondence, Article, 1953-1955
Conservation Fisheries: Article
Spread of Forest Education: Article in American Conservation
Reading References
Information from U.S. Forest Service
American Conservation in Foreign Lands
Miscellaneous Clippings
Notes on Water, Fish, and Other Topics
Origin of Earth
Age of Wood
Story of Lumbering
National Forests
The Growth of State Forestry
War Against Forest Fires
Conservation of Wildlife
Conservation of Fish Life
The Spread of Forest Education
National Monuments
National Forests of the East
The Wilderness Movement
Problems of Water

3. Administrative Files, 1950-1964.

Arranged chronologically, then in alphabetical files.

Box AM-1 to AM-2
Administrative Files, 1950
Box AM-3 to AM-5
Administrative Files, 1951
Box AM-6 to AM-7
Administrative Files, 1952
Box AM-8 to AM-9
Administrative Files, 1953
Box AM-10 to AM-11
Administrative Files, 1954
Box AM-12 to AM-13
Administrative Files, 1955
Box AM-14 to AM-15
Administrative Files, 1956
Box AM-16
Administrative Files, 1957
Box AM-17
Administrative Files, 1958
Box AM-19 to AM-19
Administrative Files, 1959
Box AM-24 to AM-25
Administrative Files, 1960
Box AM-20 and AM-23
Administrative Files, 1961
Box AM-22 to AM-23
Administrative Files, 1962
Box AM-22 and AM-24
Administrative Files, 1963
Box AM-21
Administrative Files, 1964

4. Photograph Collection, 1901-1996.

The American Forestry Association Photograph Collection encompasses a wide array of significant images pertaining to forestry and conservation history in the 20th century. The collection was created and maintained by AFA's American Forests magazine division. The bulk of the collection dates from before 1960 and contains a rich selection of early Forest Service photographs, as well as images of forest fires, logging, and forest management. The records also hold notable scenes from national parks, forests, and monuments in the United States. The images in the "Scenes" files represent a diverse and impressive range of topics dating primarily from the early to mid-20thcentury. Most of the images therein depict American scenes (organized by state and subject) with one section devoted solely to scenes from foreign countries. There are also images depicting AFA activities, including their Big Trees project, urban forestry initiatives, Trail Riders of the Wilderness expeditions, and staff functions.

A. American Forestry Association Organizational Files, 1937-1996.

Holds photographs and other material documenting the organization and its activities, including American Forests magazine, staff events, and various forestry initiatives.
Box 115
American Forests Magazine.
Cover Images.
Award Ceremonies.
Expeditions and Retreats.
Forest Policy Center Event.
AFA signed an agreement with the U.S. Forest Service and Bull HN Information Systems to cooperate on research in support of President George Bush's "America the Beautiful" tree-planting initiative. This new public-private partnership was announced at a reception in January of 1992 introducing the creation of AFA's Forest Policy Center. USFS Chief F. Dale Robertson, AFA Executive Vice President R. Neil Sampson, Alaric Sample, George M. Leonard, Tim Kilduff (of Bull HN) and others were present. The folder contains only negatives.
Forestry Initiatives.
These files document AFA's participation and leadership in various forestry initiatives. One of AFA's most notable projects was Global ReLeaf, a grant-based initiative founded in 1990 to reforest areas damaged by wildfire, pests, disease, deforestation, and natural disasters. The bulk of files consist of photographs, however there is some limited correspondence.
American Forest Congress 1946, 1953, 1996.
Chicago Gateway Green Expressway Partnership.
Earth Day Tree Plantings, 1990, 1995.
Famous and Historic Trees.
Forest Health Workshop, 1994.
Global ReLeaf.
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
Living Cleaner Arlington.
National Urban Forests Conference, 1993.
Take Pride in America Awards, 1987.
Tree Sculpture Commission, 1985.
Truckers for Trees.
Urban Tree Planting - Miami, FL.
Urban Tree Planting - Philadelphia, PA.
Urban Tree Planting - Unidentified.
Ledger containing staff wages in 1948.
Box 116
Staff (2 folders).
Trail Riders of the Wilderness.
The American Forestry Association began organizing the Trail Riders of the Wilderness in 1933 as educational wilderness trips for the public. Folders contain promotional pamphlets about the trips (years 1939-1986, with a few missing), and two photo albums from 1937 expeditions.
United States Constitution Bicentennial Event.
September 17, 1987 marked the 200th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. One year before the bicentennial, on September 17, 1986, the Forest Service and the Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution held an event at Constitution Gardens in Washington, D.C. to help initiate the Commission's project entitled "Plant a Living Legacy". Lady Bird Johnson, Chief Justice Warren Burger (chairman of the Commission), USFS Chief Max Peterson and many others were in attendance. Photographs show Lady Bird Johnson and Chief Justice Burger with AFA Executive Vice President R. Neil Sampson and other scenes from the event.

B. Big Trees.

Includes photographs submitted as entries for consideration in the National Register of Big Trees. The folders are organized by tree species and include some slides and negatives. This series also contains a limited amount of correspondence and miscellaneous material relating to the Big Tree project.
Box 116
Alder, European.
Alder, White.
Ash, Oregon.
Ash, Velvet.
Ash, White.
Birch, Paper.
Birch, Roundleaf.
Birch, White.
Birch, Yellow.
Box Elder.
Cedar, Misc.
Cedar, Red.
Cherry, Misc.
Cypress, Misc.
Devil's Walkingstick.
Fir, Shasta.
Fir, White.
Haw, Black.
Joshua Tree.
Locust, Black.
Locust, Honey.
Maple, Big Leaf.
Maple, Misc.
Maple, Sugar.
Mountain Laurel.
Oak, Black.
Oak, Blue.
Oak, Live.
Oak, Misc.
Oak, Pin.
Oak, Shumard.
Oak, Swamp White.
Osage Orange.
Paradise Tree.
Pine, Bristlecone.
Pine, Limber.
Pine, Loblolly.
Pine, Lodgepole.
Pine, Longleaf.
Pine, Misc.
Pine, Ponderosa.
Pine, Virginia.
Pine, White.
Pine, Whitebark.
Plum, Misc.
Poplar, Misc.
Rose of Sharon.
Tallow, Chinese.
Walnut, Black.
Willow, Misc.
Big trees from the state of Hawaii - photographs and key.
Big Trees program - nominations, correspondence, etc.
Giant Sequoia champion plaque.
Unidentified big trees.

C. Fire.

These files hold images of fires, fire-fighting, fire damage, historic fires, and fire-fighters and equipment.
Box 117
Active Fires.
Burned Over Areas.
Controlled Burns.
Historic Fires.
Colorado Fire, 1989.
Idaho Fire, 1910.
Lookout Towers.
Smoke Jumpers.
Trucks and Vehicles.

D. Forest Management.

Covers maintenance and management of public, private, and industrial forest lands. Includes images of forest management in action as well as scenes depicting various types of forests.
Box 117
Aerial Seeding.
Aerial Spraying.
Controlled Burning.
Cutover Areas.
Farm Forestry.
Foresters at Work.
Hand Planting.
Natural Regeneration.
New Growth.
Tree Farms - Industrial.
Tree Farms - Private.
Tree Planting.
Tree Surgery.

E. Forest Service, 1905-1986.

Contains three folders with images of rangers, ranger stations, and miscellaneous historical photographs. The bulk of the photos range from 1910-1955.
Box 117
Rangers, circa 1905-1986, bulk 1910-1953.
Ranger Stations, circa 1908-1940.
Miscellaneous, 1924-1955, 1986.
Contains: Photos of USFS Chief William Greeley with branch chiefs, and Forest Management Staff, 3/1924; Photo of USFS Chief Lyle Watts with three foresters commissioned to survey forest resources of Japan and Korea, 11/27/1945; Photo of The Forest Products Laboratory maintained by USFS in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin, circa 1935; four photos of a public ceremony held in Missoula, Montana in 1954 to officially dedicate the Smokejumper Base of the Aerial Fire Department- President Eisenhower and USFS Chief Richard McArdle are pictured; two photos from the USFS 50th anniversary celebration in 1955; A photo of former USFS Chief Edward P. Cliff, Henry Clepper of AFA, Robert K. Winters, et al. at a committee meeting for the proposed Richard McArdle Library in 1986.

F. Logging, 1901-1992.

Folders contain images of various aspects of the logging trade. Images are predominantly black and white and most are from before 1950. Also includes photographs of sawmills, forest products production and lumber, as well as images of pulp and paper manufacturing.
Box 118
Logging - Bucking and Limbing.
Logging - Equipment.
Logging - Felling.
Logging - Felling - Axes.
Logging - Felling - Power Saws.
Logging - Hauling - Aerial.
Logging - Hauling - Horses and Oxen.
Logging - Hauling - Railroads.
Logging - Hauling - Ships.
Logging - Hauling - Tractors and Wagons.
Logging - Hauling - Trucks.
Logging - Loading.
Logging - Log Drives.
Logging - Loggers.
Logging - Loggers - Timber Sports.
Logging - Logging camps.
Logging - Logs.
Logging - Yarding.
Forest Products.
Pulp and Paper.

G. National Sites.

Includes photographs from various United States national forests, monuments, and parks. Most of the photographs are from before 1960. This series also includes folders with images of the Adirondack Forest Preserve, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Biltmore Forestry School and Cradle of Forestry.
National Forests
Box 118
Allegheny National Forest.
Angeles National Forest.
Apache National Forest.
Ashley National Forest.
Badlands National Forest.
Beartooth National Forest.
Bighorn National Forest.
Bitterroot National Forest.
Black Hills National Forest.
Blackfeet National Forest.
Boise National Forest.
Bonneville National Forest.
Bridger National Forest.
Cache National Forest.
Caribbean National Forest.
Carson National Forest.
Cascade National Forest.
Challis National Forest.
Chattahoochee National Forest.
Chelan National Forest.
Cherokee National Forest.
Chippewa National Forest.
Choctawhatchee National Forest.
Chugach National Forest.
Cibola National Forest.
Clearwater National Forest.
Cleveland National Forest.
Cochetopa National Forest.
Coconino National Forest.
Coeur d'Alene National Forest.
Colorado National Forest.
Columbia National Forest.
Crater National Forest.
Croatan National Forest.
Crook National Forest.
Cumberland National Forest.
Deerlodge National Forest.
Deschutes National Forest.
Eldorado National Forest.
Fish Lake National Forest.
Flathead National Forest.
Francis Marion National Forest.
George Washington National Forest.
Gifford Pinchot National Forest.
Gunnison National Forest.
Harney National Forest.
Homochitto National Forest.
Hoosier National Forest.
Humboldt National Forest.
Idaho National Forest.
Inyo National Forest.
Jackson National Forest.
Jefferson National Forest.
Kaibab National Forest.
Kaniksu National Forest.
Kootenai National Forest.
Lassen National Forest.
Lincoln National Forest.
Lolo National Forest.
Los Padres National Forest.
Malheur National Forest.
Manti National Forest.
Medicine Bow National Forest.
Missoula National Forest.
Modoc National Forest.
Monongahela National Forest.
Mount Baker National Forest.
Mount Hood National Forest.
Mount Shasta National Forest.
Nantahala National Forest.
Natural Bridge National Forest.
Nebraska National Forest.
Ocala National Forest.
Olympic National Forest.
Oregon National Forest.
Osceola National Forest.
Ozark National Forest.
Payette National Forest.
Pike National Forest.
Pisgah National Forest.
Powell National Forest.
Rio Grande National Forest.
Routt National Forest.
Sabine National Forest.
San Bernardino National Forest.
San Isabel National Forest.
Santa Fe National Forest.
Santiam National Forest.
Sawtooth National Forest.
Selway National Forest.
Sequoia National Forest.
Sevier National Forest.
Shoshone National Forest.
Sierra National Forest.
Sierra Madre National Forest.
Snoqualmie National Forest.
Stanislaus National Forest.
Superior National Forest.
Tahoe National Forest.
Talladega National Forest.
Targhee National Forest.
Tongass National Forest.
Tonto National Forest.
Unaka National Forest.
Uncompahgre National Forest.
Umpqua National Forest.
Wallowa National Forest.
Wasatch National Forest.
Wenatchee National Forest.
White Mountain National Forest.
White River National Forest.
Wichita National Forest.
Willamette National Forest.

National Parks
Box 118
Acadia National Park.
Big Bend National Park.
Bryce Canyon National Park.
Canyonlands National Park.
Carlsbad Caverns National Park.
Crater Lake National Park.
Everglades National Park.
Gates of the Arctic National Park.
Glacier National Park.
Grand Canyon National Park.
Box 119
Great Smokey Mountains National Park.
Kings Canyon National Park.
Mount Ranier National Park.
Mount McKinley National Park.
Rocky Mountain National Park.
Shenandoah National Park.
Yellowstone National Park.
Yosemite National Park.

National Monuments
Box 119
Aztec Ruins National Monument.
Bandelier National Monument.
C and O Canal National Monument.
Casa Grande National Monument.
Cedar Breaks National Monument.
Chaco Canyon National Monument.
Chiricahua National Monument.
Colonial National Monument.
Colorado National Monument.
Death Valley National Monument.
Devil's Tower National Monument.
Dinosaur National Monument.
El Morro National Monument.
Fort Frederick National Monument.
Fort Jefferson National Monument.
Fort McHenry National Monument.
Frijoles Canyon National Monument.
George Washington Birthplace National Monument.
Gettysburg National Monument.
Glacier Bay National Monument.
Gran Inivira National Monument.
Grey Towers National Monument.
Lehman Caves National Monument.
Montezuma Castle National Monument.
Mount Rushmore National Monument.
Mount St. Helens National Monument.
Petrified Forest National Monument.
Pipe Spring National Monument.
Sitka National Monument.
Statue of Liberty National Monument.
Theodore Roosevelt National Monument.
Wheeler National Monument.
Wright Brothers National Monument.

Other Sites
Adirondack Forest Preserve.
Biltmore Forestry School and Cradle of Forestry.
Blue Ridge Parkway.

H. Recreation.

Depicts natural areas being utilized for sports, play, and other recreational activities. Also includes images of recreational facilities on park lands.
Box 119
Bird Watching.
Other Sports.

I. Scenes.

Reference files kept by the magazine division of general, broad, or unidentified images which could be used for supplimentation or research. Arranged by country, state, or subject.
By Country
Box 119
New Zealand.
Box 120
Sumatra (Indonesia).

By State
Box 120
Alaska (2 folders).
New Hampshire.
New Jersey.
New Mexico.
New York.
North Carolina.
Rhode Island.
South Carolina.
South Dakota.
Washington, D.C.
West Virginia.

By Subject
Box 120
Candle making.
Historic Monuments.
Box 121
Job Corps.
Maple Sugaring.
Road Construction.
Sand Dunes.
Storm Damage.
Storms and Lightning.
Swamps and Marshes.
Dams and Bridges.
Floodwater and Flood Prevention.
Streams and Creeks.
Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District.
Southwest Watershed.

J. Biographical Files.

Biographical files may hold photographs, clippings, resumes, and correspondece from prominent individuals, forestry workers, and American Forests contributors. Many files hold photographs only.
Box 122
Abbott, Stanley W.
Abbott, Tex
Adams, Bristow
Adams, James P.
Adams, John Quincy
Adams, Sherman
Adenauer, Conrad
Addington, L.F
Adolph, Raymond A.
Agersborg, H.P.K.
Ahern, George P.
Ahlgren, Clifford E.
Ahrens, Carsten
Aiken, George D.
Albrecht, William Albert
Albright, Horace M.
Alderman, O.A.
Alexander, Griffith
Alexander, Thomas W.
Alexander, Will W.
Allen, Allie Belle
Allen, Arthur A.
Allen, Durward L.
Allen, E.T.
Allen, Robert
Allen, Shirley W.
Allison, Robert V.
Allison, John H.
Amidon, George B.
Almirall, Leon B.
Ancona, Edward P.
Andersen, Elmer L.
Anderson, Alexander P.
Anderson, Clinton P.
Anderson, L.A.
Anderson, Mary F.
Anderson, M.H.
Anderson, R.D.
Anderson, Robert L.
Andre, Gabriel
Andresen, Aug. H.
Andrews, A.E.
Andrews, Horace J.
Apelt, Charles
Archbold, Chester M.
Argow, Keith A.
Armer, Laura Adams
Arnold, Alan F.
Arnold, Ms. Dexter Otis
Arnold, Kay
Arnold, Oren
Arnold, R. Keith
Arnst, Albert
Arthur, Julietta K.
Artman, James O.
Ashe, William Willard
Askin, Charles, Jr.
Aspinall, Wayne
Atterbury, W.W.
Atwood, Wallace W.
AuCoin, Les
Austin, Lloyd
Auten, John
Averell, James L.
Avery, Carlos
Avery, Frank
Avery, M.H.
Ayres, Phillip W.
Ayres, Robert W.
Babbitt, Bruce
Babcock, Earnest B. (Dr.)
Babcock, Havilah (Dr.)
Bachrach, Louis Fabian
Backiel, Adela
Bacon, E.M.
Backman, Gus
Badre, Louis
Baggenstoss, Herman E.
Bahr, Henry
Bailey, Alfred M.
Bailey, Clara
Bailey, Joshua L.
Bailey, Liberty Hyde (Dr.)
Bailey, Nadine
Bailey, Reed
Bailie, Joseph
Baker, Harry Lee
Baker, Frederick S.
Baker, Hugh
Baker, John A.
Baker, Mary Mullins
Baker, Mildred E.
Baker, Richard St. Barbe
Baker, Sherman
Baker, Willis M.
Baldwin, Henry I. (Dr.)
Baldwin, Lewis
Baldwin, Owen
Baldwin, Simeon E.
Baldwin, L.W.
Ball, Donald
Ballinger, Richard A.
Banzhaff, William H.
Barbee, Robert D.
Barbour, Marjorie L.
Barker, Elliot S.
Barker, William L., Jr.
Barnes, George H.
Barnes, Robert L. (Dr.)
Barnes, Will C.
Barnum, Frank J.D.
Barrett, J.W.
Barrett, L.A.
Barrett, Leonard I.
Barrows, Harlan H.
Barry, J. Neilson
Barstow, George E.
Barton, David C.
Bartlett, Stanley Foss
Barton, Charles M.D.
Barnwell, William, Jr.
Baser, Clyde J.
Bashore, Ralph M.
Bass, I.H.
Batchelor, Jackson M.
Batchelder, K.C.
Bates, Anson
Bates, C.G.
Baumgartner, Luther L.
Bazan, Flavio
Baxter, Samuel N.
Beach, Goodwin
Beal, William James
Beale, John A.
Beattie, Mollie H.
Beattie, R.K.
Beaumier, W.R.
Becker, Folke
Beeks, H.V.
Beeson, Russell W.
Behan, Richard W.
Behre, C. Edward
Beichler, W.K.
Belden, Charles J.
Bell, Roscoe E.
Beltran, Enrique
Bendetsen, Karl R.
Bennett, J.M.
Bennett, Logan J.
Benson, Elmer A.
Benson, Ezra Taft
Bentley, G.E.
Berckes, H.C.
Bergland, Robert
Bergoffen, Bill
Berliner, J.F.T. (Dr.)
Bernard, Merrill
Berry, Charles F.
Berry, Martha
Berry, Wendell
Besley, F.W.
Besley, Lowell
Betterton, G.M.
Betts, Harold S.
Betz, Frank S.
Bevan, Arthur
Bible, Alan
Bigelow, Richard L.P.
Billings, C.L.
Billings, Corbin
Binger, C. Robert
Bishop, H.A.
Bishop, L.L.
Biswell, Harold H.
Black, Florence D.
Black, Robson
Black, S.R.
Blackford, John L.
Blacknor, Steven
Blackwell, John L.
Blanchard, C.J.
Bloch, Don
Block, John R.
Blodgett, John W.
Bode, I.T.
Bodine, Leo V.
Bofinger, Paul O.
Bogardus, J.F. (Dr.)
Bogdanovitch, Sarah R.
Boggs, Hale
Bogert, Mrs. H.G. (Emily)
Bois, Georges
Bolies, Laurens C.
Bolles, W.H.
Bomberger, Frank B. (Dr.)
Bond, A.R. (Pete)
Bonner, Aletha M.
Booth, Edward O. (Dr.)
Borden, Thomas B.
Borlaug, Norman
Bosworth, Clarence E.
Botkin, Daniel
Botsford, Harry
Bower, Ray F.
Boyle, Brian
Boynton, Nehemiah (Dr.)
Bradley, Omar N.
Bradner, Melvin I.
Brainerd, John W.
Brandis, Dietrick (Sir)
Brant, Irving
Breckenridge, Walter F.
Breckenridge, John C.
Bressman, Earl N. (Dr.)
Brewer, Erle G.
Bricker, John W.
Bridges, Henry Styles
Bridges, William
Bristol, H.S.
Broadbent, Sam R.
Brockman, C. Frank
Broley, Myrtle J.
Bromfield, Louis
Bromley, Stanley W.
Bronk, Detlov W. (Dr.)
Brooke, Missell
Brooke, W.M.
Brooks, Charles Franklin (Dr.)
Brooks, Fred E.
Broughton, J. Melville
Brown, Arthur A.
Brown, A.G.
Brown, Bert L.
Brown, Carl B.
Brown, Harry
Brown, James G.
Brown, Lester R.
Brown, Marvin
Brown, Mora M.
Brown, Nelson C.
Brown, Ralph
Brown, W. Gordon
Brown, William L., Jr.
Brown, W.R.
Box 123
Browne, Frederick L.
Browning, Bryce C.
Bruce, C. Arthur
Bruce, Herbert Thayer
Bruckart, John R.
Brundage, Roy C.
Brundy, Clyde M.
Brush, Warren D. (Dr.)
Bryan, Bruce
Bryan, George M.
Bryan, Milton M.
Bryant, H.C.
Bryant, R.L.
Bryson, Stuart
Bub, Harold L.
Buchanan, Donald D.
Buchanan, Thomas C.
Buchheister, Carl W.
Buckingham, C.O.
Buckingham, Nash
Buell, J.H.
Bulow, W.J.
Bump, Gardiner
Burch, Guy Irving
Burdick, Quentin (Senator)
Burford, Anne
Burgess, Thornton Waldo
Burke, Angela
Burke, Brian E.
Burroughs, Robert P.
Burt, Wellington
Butcher, Devereux
Butler, Lorine Letcher
Butler, Ovid
Buttrick, P.L.
Butz, Earl
Byerrum, Mrs. E.E.
Byers, Charles Alma
Byrd, Robert C.
Cahalane, Victor H.
Cain, Stanley (Dr.) and Louise
Calder, Alexander, Jr.
Caldwell, John C.
Callan, Charles J. (Rev.)
Callison, Charles H.
Cammerer, Arno B.
Camp, P.R.
Campbell, A. Stuart
Campbell, Carlos C.
Campbell, Henry C.
Campbell, J. F.
Campbell, R. S.
Campbell, Sam
Campbell, Walter E.
Canaday, Ward M.
Canfield, David H.
Cannon, Bill
Cannon, Uncle Joe
Capper, Arthur
Carey, Henry
Carhart, Arthur Hawthorne
Carson, Rachel
Carlson, Reynold E.
Carpenter, Carl M.
Carpenter, Donald M.
Carpenter, Ernest F.
Carpenter, Farrington R.
Carpenter, Leonard G.
Carr, James K.
Carr, Ralph H.
Carr, William H.
Carter, E. E.
Carter, Edward E.
Carter, Esther Lee
Carter, Hayden A.
Carter, Jimmy (President)
Cartwright, B.W.
Carver, John A., Jr.
Cary, Austin
Case, Norman
Cattell, J. McKeen (Dr.)
Cecil, George H.
Cermak, A.J.
Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar
Chambers, H.H. (Jack)
Champ, Frederick P.
Champion, F.J.
Chansler, Walter S.
Chaphe, Alice Churchill
Chapline, William R.
Chapman, C.S.
Chapman, Herman Haupt
Chapman, Oscar
Christie, John M.
Chase, Sherret S. (Dr.)
Chase, Stuart
Chatelain, Verne E.
Cheney, E.S.
Cheney, Ethel B.
Cherry, Lynne
Chesnut, Alma
Chicanot, E.L.
Chiang Kai Shek
Childs, Edward C.
Christianson, Theodore (Honorable)
Christie, Arthur H.
Christman, W.W.
Chudoff, Earl (Honorable)
Chun, Woon Young
Churchill, Winston
Clack, Jack
Clapp, Earle H.
Clapp, Gordon
Clapp, Sidney K.
Clapper, Louis
Clapper, Russell B.
Claridge, Fred H.
Clark, Barbara G.
Clark, Judson C.
Clark, Vicki
Clark, William
Clark, William E.
Clark, Neil McCullough
Clarke, Samuel J.
Claussen, Eileen
Clawson, Marion
Clayton, Alfred G.
Cleland-Hamnet, W.
Clement, Tenn.
Clepper, Henry E.
Cliff, Edward P. (USFS Chief)
Cline, A.C.
Cline, McGarvey
Clinton, Bill (President)
Clopper, H. Stevenson
Clusen, Ruth C.
Clyde, Norman
Coats, A.J.
Cobb, Samuel S.
Cockburn, J.M.
Cocke, Earl
Coffman, John D.
Coffman, Lotus D.
Cohen, Shaul
Colby, Forrest H.
Cole, Preston
Coleman, Donald G.
Collingwood, Charles
Collingwood, G.H.
Collins, Chapin
Collins (Governor)
Colton, William W.
Colvin, V.
Compton, Wilson
Conant, W.S.
Conarro, R.M.
Condra, George E. (Dr.)
Connaughton, Charles
Connick, Arthur E.
Connor, E.P.
Constance, Ella C.
Conzet, G.M.
Cook, Allen
Cook, H.O.
Cooke, Giles B.
Cooke, Morris L.
Coolidge, Calvin (President)
Cooper, Madsion
Cooper, WIlliam E.
Cope, Frances R., Jr.
Cope, Joshua A.
Cope, Theodora M.
Cornelius, Royce
Cornell, Katharine
Cornell, Ezra
Cornish, Vaughn (Dr.)
Cornwall, George M.
Costley, Richard J.
Cottrell, Alden T.
Coufal, James E.
Coulter, C.H.
Coulter, John M. (Dr.)
Coville, Fredrick V. (Dr.)
Cox, Herbert Randolph
Cox, W.T.
Coyle, David Cushman
Coyle, Leonidas (Colonel)
Crafts, Edward C.
Craig, George A.
Craig, James B.
Craig, Larry
Craig, Locke
Craig, Malin (Major General)
Craig, Ronald B.
Craig, R.W.
Craighead, Frank
Craigie, William N.
Cramton, Louis C.
Crandall, Bowen S.
Crandell, Doug
Crandall, Ernest L.
Cranston, Alan
Cravens, J.H.
Crawford, Horace Donald
Creager, Baron
Cregan, K.H.
Crocker, Mrs. Emmons
Box 124
Cromelin, Lillian M.
Cromie, George A.
Cronemiller, Lynn F.
Crosby, Bing
Crosby, Henry T.
Crosby, R.H., Jr.
Crosby, W.O. (Colonel)
Crosby, William
Cross, Genni
Crossette, George
Crouch, W.E.
Crow, A.B.
Crowder, Farnsworth
Cruikshank, James W.
Crutchfield, Lee G.
Cullen, Barry M.
Cunningham, R.N.
Cuno, John B.
Curran, Hugh
Currier, F.D. (Honorable)
Curtis, Asahel
Curtis, Henry S.
Custer, Samuel A.
Cutler, Rupert
Cutter, Victor M.
Cuttle, Francis
Daigle, Russell D.
Daily, Dallas T.
Daly, Carol
Damtoft, W.J.
Dana, Samuel Trask
Daniels, Jonathan
Danse, L.A.
Dargavel, Clark
Darling, J.N. (Ding)
Davey, Martin L.
Davis, Louis H.
Davis, Arthur A.
Davis, Campbell
Davis, Carl L.
Davis, Clint
Davis, Elrick B.
Davis, E.M.
Davis, Kenneth P.
Davis, Marguerite N.
Davis, Theodore H.
Davis, P.O.
Davis, Waters S., Jr.
Dawes, Charles G.
Dawson, O.D.
Day, Albert M.
Day, Lynn W.
Day, Ralph R.
Dayton, William A.
Deaderick, James H.
Deal, Miss Winnie D.
Dean, Anthony P.
Dean, Ernest
Dean, George W.
de Andrade, Edmundo Navarro (Dr.)
DeBonis, Jeff
De Bruin, Henry
Deen, J. Lee
DeCoster, Lester A.
DeForest, Lee
De la Garza, Kika
Demaray, A.E.
Demeritt, A.B.
Demerritt, Dwight B.
DeMille, Cecil B.
DeFazio, Peter
DeSilve, Dennis
Demmon, E.L.
Dengler, Harry W.
Denman, Donald S.
Denmead, Talbott
Den Uyl, Daniel
Derham, J.P., Jr.
Dern, George H.
De Roy, Benjamin E.
Detwiler, S.B.
Deuber, Carl G.
Devoto, Bernard
DeVries, Van Beuren W.
D'Ewart, Wesley A. (Rep.)
Dickerman, M.B.
Dieffenbach, Rudolph
Dierks, Devere
Dieter, Ethel
Diller, Jesse D.
Diller, Oliver D.
Dils, Robert E.
Dingell, John
Dinsmore, A.H.
Disney, Walter E.
Ditmars, Raymond L.
Dixon, Joseph
Djerf, Harvey E.
Dlugach, Joseph
Dodd, Ed
Dodd, H.J.
Dodge, Clarence Phelps
Dodge, Joseph M.
Dodge, Natt N.
Dole, Bob
Dolliver, Sharon
Dombeck, Michael
Donehover, Weston
Donery, J.A.
Donnely, Missouri
Donovan, Ernest
Doolittle, Warren
Dore, Pearl
Dorman, William E.
Dormon, Caroline
Dosker, C.D.
Dosne, James
Douglas, David
Douglas, Lewis Williams
Douglas, Paul (Senator)
Douglas, Philip Arnett
Douglas, Wilbur F.
Douglas, William O. (Justice)
Doublass, C.W. Harold
Dowd, Peter J.
Downing, Mary
Downing, Thomas V.
Doxey, Wall
Doyle, William E. (Honorable)
Dracea, M. (Dr.)
Drag, Francis L.
Drake, George L.
Draper, Arthur G.
Drewry, Charles B.
Drinker, Henry S. (Dr.)
Droege, Richard F.
Drury, Aubrey C.
Drury, Newton B.
DuBois, Coert
Dubos, Rene Jules
Duchaine, William J.
Dufay, Bernard
Duff, James H.
Dunlop, George
Dunn, Paul Millard
Dunshee, Winfield B.
Dunwoody, Charles G.
DuPuy, William Atherton
Durkin, William
Durland, William D.
Durrell, Glen R.
Duryea, Perry B.
Duthie, George
Dyson, James Lindsay (Captain)
Earle, W.E.
East, Ben
Easterbrook, L.F.
Eberhart, A.O. (Governor)
Ebner, Adalbert
Eckholm, Erik P.
Eddy, James G., Sr.
Edgerton, E.R.
Edison, Thomas
Edminster, T.W.
Edmunds, William S.
Edwards, William G.
Egleston, Nathaniel Hillyer
Eisenhower, Dwight D. (President)
Eliot, Charles (Dr.)
Eliot, George W.
Eldredge, I.F.
Elliott, Charles Newton
Elliott, F.A.
Ellsworth, Harris M.C. (Rep.)
Elvehjem, C.A.
Elwonger, Ruth
Emerson, Pearl
Emmerling, Arthur M.
Englebright, Harry L. (Rep.)
Engelmann, Georg
Englis, Blye
Entwistle, William
Ernest, Albert
Errington, Paul L.
Espy, Mike
Eubank, Frank G., Jr.
Evans, Brock
Evans, Charles F.
Evans, J.
Evans, Mark
Evans, O.M.
Evenden, Fred G.
Everhardt, Gary
Eyre, F.H.
Falconer, John
Fall, Albert Bacon
Faubus, Arkansas
Fairchild, David (Dr.)
Farrell, Mike (Actor)
Farrington, Wallace R.
Faulkner, James M.
Fechner, Robert
Feist, Irving
Felt, E.P. (Dr.)
Fendig, Jim
Fenton, Carroll Lane
Fenton, Edward J.
Ferber, Edna
Ferguson, Gary
Ferguson, John
Ferguson, Sydney
Filer, Mrs. Willoughby P.
Finch, B.J.
Fink, Paul M.Finley (Dr.) and Mrs. William L.
Fischer, Arthur F.
Fischer, Virlis L.
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield
Fisher, Joseph L.
Fisher, Paul L.
Fisher, Robert B.
Fisher, Walter L.
Fitzgerald, O.A.
Fitzgerald, William George
Fitzwater, Joseph Albert
Flader, Susan L.
Fleishel, M.L.
Flewelling, A.L.
Flockinger, Walter S.
Flint, Howard R.
Flock, K.D.
Flory, Charles H.
Forester, Curt
Foley, John
Foley, Thomas
Folsom, James E. (Governor)
Fontanna, Stanley G.
Foote, Robert O.
Box 125
Forbes, Elizabeth
Forbes, Reginald D.
Ford, Russell E.
Forsling, Clarence L.
Foster, Chapin
Forster, Alex
Foster, Charles H.
Foster, Ellery A.
Foster, J.H.
Foster, Marion Gold
Fowler, B.A.
Fowler, James
Fowler, Wyche, Jr. (Senator)
Fraine, Harold S.
Frank, Bernard
Frank, Glenn
Franklin, Jerry (Dr.)
Franklin, J.H.
Frantz, Harvey R.
Fraser, Don Lee
Frederick, Karl T.
Freeman, Orville L.
Freeman, Otis W.
Freeman, Victor V.
French, Burton L.
French, Charles R.
French, David W.
French, Lewis C.
Fri, Robert W.
Fritz, Emanuel
Fritz, Ned
Fritz, Nelson
Frohlicher, John C.
Frome, Michael
Frost, Robert (Poet)
Frothingham, E.H.
Fryxell, Fritiof M.
Fuller, Alma Dean
Fuller, Ethel Romig
Fulton, Daniel A.
Furbay, J.H.
Gabrielston, Ira N.
Gage, Earle W.
Gage, P.S.
Galbraith, Kenneth (Dr.)
Gallagher, Robert R.
Gambrill, J. H., Jr.
Garfield, James B. (President)
Garratt, George A.
Garrison, Lon
Garrison, P.N.
Garth, Hunter H.
Garver, Raymond D.
Gaskill, Alfred
Gavin, Leon H.
Genee, Edythe Hope
Gerlinger, George T.
Gerry, Eloise (Dr.)
Gifford, John Clayton
Gilbert, Douglas L.
Giles, John Warren
Gill, Thomas H.
Gillett, Charles A.
Gillette, W. B.
Gillis, Malcolm
Gilman, H. S.
Gilmore, Voit
Giltmeir, Jim
Girard, Franklin
Girard, James W.
Gisborne, H.T.
Glascock, H.R., Jr.
Glasgow, A.J.
Glassman, Don
Glatfelter, Phillip H.
Gleason, Clark H.
Glesinger, Egon (Dr.)
Goddard, Maurice K.
Godwin, David
Godwin, Earle
Goethe, C.M.
Goldman, Edward Alphonso
Goldy, Daniel L.
Gonder, Bernard I.
Gooch, W. L.
Goodman, Robert B.
Goodwin, T. R.
Goodyear, A. Conger
Goodyear, T.S.
Goor, Amihud Y.
Gordon, John C.
Gorrell, W., Jr.
Gordon, John C.
Gore, Albert, Jr. (Senator)
Gorrie, R. Maclagan
Gorton, Slade
Gott, Donald H.
Gottschalk, John
Graeber, Robert Walter
Gragg, Fred C.
Graham, Mrs. Clifford B.
Graham, David
Graham, Edward H. (Dr.)
Graham, Samuel Alexander
Grange, Wallace Byron
Granger, C. M.
Grant, Ellsworth
Grant, J. D.
Grant, Madison
Grant, Ulysses S., III (General)
Graves, Arthur H. (Dr.)
Graves, Norma Ryland
Gray, C.R.
Gray, John L. (Dr.)
Gray, L.C.
Gray, L.G.
Greeley, Arthur W.
Greeley, William B. (USFS Chief)
Green, Edwin L., Jr.
Green, Charlotte Hilton
Green, Samuel
Greene, S.W.
Greenwald, Lynn
Greenwood, Ramon
Greeves, Carpenter C.F.
Gripper, W.E.
Griffen, Georgia
Griffin, Lawrence E.
Griffin, D.R.
Griffith, Ernest F.
Griffith, George E.
Griffiths, P.A.
Griffith, Paul H.
Griggs, E.G.
Griggs, Everett
Grimm, William C.
Grinnel, George Bird
Grondal, Bror L.
Gross, L.S.
Grosvenor, Melville
Grover, N.G.
Guernsey, Roger L.
Guest, Edgar A.
Guie, Heister Dean
Gulick, Luther H.
Gumbel, Walter C.
Gustaf VI, King of Sweden
Gustavson, Reuben G.
Gutermuth, C.R.
Guthrie, John D.
Guy, David J.
Haddock, Ruth Ringle
Hagenbarth, David V
Hagenstein, W.D.
Hagood, Johnson
Hague, Arnold
Haig, I.T.
Hair, Jay
Hale, Roger D.
Haley, Alex
Hall, A.D.
Hall, A.G.
Hall, Albert G.
Hall, Ansel F.
Hall, Carrol
Hall, E.A.
Hall, J. Alfred
Hall, Leonard
Hall, R. Clifford
Hall, Wilbur C.
Hall, William L.
Hallauer, Frank J.
Halliday, Hugh M.
Halm, Joe B.
Hamburger, Richard
Hamele, Ottamar
Hamlin Chauncey J.
Hammar, Conrad H.
Hammat, R.F.
Hammerle, William C.
Hammerquist, Earl
Hampton, Kenneth R.
Hancock, Eugene
Hand, Cora McWhinney
Handlan, John W.
Hanna, Mark
Hanrahan, Frank J.
Hansen, James
Hansen, T.S.
Hansling, Ruby Church
Hanson, Val T.
Harcharick, David A.
Hardin, Clifford M.
Harding, Warren G. (President)
Hardman, Lamartine C.
Hardtner, Henry
Harper, Verne L. (Dr.)
Harkin, J.B.
Harlow, William M.
Harmon, Dudley
Harris, Frederick Brown
Harris, P.T.
Harris, Robert W.
Harrison, Benjamin
Harrison, Hal. H.
Hart, I. H.
Hartgraves, Rex
Hartly, Luther S.
Hartwig, Lester H.
Hartzog, George
Hasenkamp, Karl Peter
Hastings, Cristel
Hatch, George F.
Hatfield, Mark O.
Hatton, John H.
Hawes, Austin F
Hawes, H. B.
Hawley, Florence M.
Hawley, Ralph C.
Hawley, Willis C.
Hay, James, Jr.
Hayden, Carl
Hayden, Dorothy Ferrell
Hayes, Dennis
Hayes, Edmund
Hazard, James O.
Headley, Roy
Hearnsberger, Marguerite
Health, Virgil
Heaton, P.L.
Hedin, Naboth
Hedlund, Hans
Heermance, Edgar L.
Heiberg, S.C.
Heinold, Katherine
Heintzleman, B. Frank
Heissenbutter, John
Heist, L.C.
Hellings, Mary Louise
Hendee, John C.
Henderson, George
Henderson, George M.
Henderson, W.C.
Henius, Frank
Henkel, Richard J.
Henson, Hilliard
Hepting, George H.
Herbert, Paul A.
Herbert, Robert
Herr, C.S.
Hershey, John W.
Herty, Charles H. (Dr.)
Hessel, Dave
Hessell, Joe
Heurich, Christian
Hewitt, Robert I.
Box 126
Heyward, Frank, Jr.
Hibbard, B.H.
Hickel, Walter J.
Hicks, Harold W.
Hidey, Paul M.
Higgins, Alma M.
Hill, Cary L.
Hill, Ella Wilson
Hill, G. Albert
Hiller, Charles
Hinds, Lee W.
Hinman, John H.
Hirst, Edgar
Hitch, Charles V.
Hixon, Homer J.
Hoag, Thomas
Hobson, William H.
Hockensmith, Roy D.
Hodel, Donald
Hodges, Luther
Hodges, Luther, Jr.
Hodges, Ralph
Hoene, John V.
Hoffman, Paul G.
Hoffmaster, P.J.
Hoffman, J.V.
Hogan, Ray Gwynn
Hogarth, George R.
Holbrook, Stuart H.
Holder, Barbara
Holdsworth, R.P.
Holleman, Boyce
Hollier, Richard M., Jr.
Hollis, Allen
Holman, Ross L.
Holmes, Joseph A.
Holmes, J.S.
Holst, Mrs. Monterey L.
Holt, Ernest G.
Holt, Lewis B.
Holt, William A.
Holvaag, Karl F.
Honeywell, Jesse
Hooker, Arthur
Hoover, Herbert
Hoover, J. Edgar
Hoover Timber Conservation Board
Hope, Clifford
Hopkins, Arthur S.
Hopkins, Howard
Hopp, Henry
Horn, Eugene F.
Horn, Stanley Fitzgerald
Hornaday, Fred Eugene
Hornaday, Mary
Hornby, Lloyd G.
Horning, W.H.
Hoskins, Robert N.
Hosmer, Paul
Hosmer, Ralph S.
Hostetter, Robert D.
Hough, Ashbel F.
Hough, Donald
Hough, Emerson
Hough, Franklin B. (USFS Chief)
Houghton, A.S.
Houghton, Seymour
Housley, Raymond M., Jr.
Howard, William G.
Howe, Sydney
Howes, Paul G.
Howlett, Blanche Cecilia
Howlett, Duncan (Dr.)
Hoyer, Steny
Hoyt, Palmer
Hubacheck, Frank Brookes
Hubbard, James E.
Huber, William W.
Huberman, M.A.
Hubert, Ernest E. (Dr.)
Hughes, Tom
Humphrey, Walter R.
Hunt, Fran
Hunt, George M.
Hunt, Irving
Hunt, John Clark
Hunt, Sanford B.
Hurd, E.S.
Hurd, Harry Elmore
Hursh, C.R.
Hurst, F.J.
Hussong, Clara
Hutchinson, Wallace I.
Hutchinson, Mrs. William
Hyatt, Harry C.
Hyde, Arthur M.
Hyer, Edward A.
Hylander, Clarence J.
Ickes, Harold L.
Illick, Joseph Simon
Illingworth, Frank
Imhof, Carl F.
Ingles, Lloyd G.
Insinger, R.
Irish, Charles F.
Irving, Washington
Irwin, Gilbert
Isaac, Robert
Ise, John
Isgren, Elmer E.
Israel, Albert R.
Jackson, Alice and Bettine
Jackson, A.T.
Jackson, Charles E.
Jackson, G.A.
Jackson, J.B.
Jackson, James P.
Jackson, Lora Z.
Jackson, Seth
Jaeger, Ellsworth
Jacobs, Homer L.
Jacobs, William F.
Jacobson, Norman G.
Jahn, Laurence R.
James, David
James, Harlean
Jamison, Cy
Janssen, Raymond E.
Jardine, James T.
Jardine, William
Jarvis, Gail
Jeffers, John Robinson
Jenkins, Bill
Jenkins, Hal
Jenkins, M.B.
Jenkins, Sydney C.
Jenks, George Elwood
Jenks, J.E.
Jensen, Jens
Jetter, Charles
Jewett, George F.
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Bolling Arthur
Johnson, Claude E.
Johnson, Dick
Johnson, Mrs. Frances Smith
Johnston, J.B.
Johnson, Louis A.
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Johnson, Paul
Johnston, Olin D. (Governor)
Johnston, Ray
Jones, B.W.
Jones, Chapin
Jones, Dale Allan
Jones, E. Stanley
Jones, H. Conger
Jones, Marvin (Honorable)
Jones, W. Goodrich
Jordan, B. Everett
Jordan, Richard N.
Jorgenson, Harold T.
Jorling, Thomas
Josephson, R.
Kaestner, H.J.
Kahler, M.S.
Kaufert, F.H.
Kauffman, Erle
Kaufman, Clemens N. (Dr.)
Kaufman, Erk
Kauppinen, Ted
Kaylor, Joseph S.
Kearney, Paul W.
Keen, F.P.
Kegley, Howard
Kelley, Evan W.
Kelley, Mary Carpenter
Kelley, Mary Elizabeth
Kelley, McClure
Kellogg, Charles E.
Kellogg, R.S.
Kelly, Edward
Kemmerer, Bert
Kemp, B.E.
Kendall, Henry P.
Kennedy, Fred H.
Kennedy, G. Donald
Kennedy, John F. (President)
Kennedy, Robert F.
Kenner, Beauregard
Kennon, Robert F.
Kent, William
Kephart, Horace
Kernan, Henry S.
Kerr, Baine P.
Kerr, Edmund
Kerr, Edward F.
Kerr, Robert S.
Keyes, Frances Parkinson
Kidwell, James
Keifner, C.E.
Keinholz, Aaron Raymond
Kieran, John
Kilbourne, Richard
Kilby, W.H.
Kile, O.M.
Kilman, Leroy N.
Kilmer, Joyce
Kimball, Tom L.
Kimberly, John R.
Kindleberger, Betty
King, Lawrence M.
King, K.F.S.
King, Stafford
Kipp, Duane
Kinney, J.P.
Kirby, F. Lee
Kirby, John H.
Kircher, Joseph C.
Kirkland, Burt F.
Kirkpatrick, Grace
Kiser, Fred H.
Kitchens, James H.
Klieber, Hans
Klemme, Marvin
Kline, Ludwig V.
Kluender, W.W.
Klug, Bertha O.
Kneipp, L.F.
Knight, Emerson
Knoll, Clara G.
Koch, Elers
Koch, Stanley H.
Koehler, Arthur
Koehler, Wolfgang
Kolbe, Ernest L.
Kollmann, Franz F. P.
Koogler, Wayland G.
Korstian, Clarence F.
Korten, Fran
Kotok, E.I.
Kozicky, Edward L.
Kraebel, Charles J.
Kreider, Claude M.
Kreienbaum, C. H.
Kreisler, Fritz
Kreutzer, William R.
Kreuger, Theodore
Krug, Julius A.
Krutch, Joseph Wood
Kuchel, Thomas
Kunze, William F.
Kurth, Ernest
Box 127
Lacombe, "Buffalo Bob"
Lander, Grover C.
Laing, Hamilton M.
Lamb (Honorable)
Lamb, Frank H.
Lamb, George N.
Lamont, Robert Patterson
Lampman, Herbert S.
Land Ownership Committee, AFA
Landsdale, Bruce M.
Landstorm, Karl
Lane, Franklin K.
Lang, Fred H.
Langdale, Harley
Langlie, Arthur B. (Governor)
Lansing, Alfaretta
La Plante, Ed
LaRocco, Larry (Rep.)
Larsen, Ethel L.
Larson, Arnold B.
Lausche, Frank J. (Governor)
Lawson, E. L.
Lawson, Roberta
Laxault, Paul (Governor)
Laxton, Josephine
Leahy, Patrick (Senator)
Leavitt, Clyde
Leavitt, Kent
Leavitt, Scott
Lee, Katharine Jackson
Lee, Kenneth Fuller
Lee, Laurence
Legett, Albert A.
Legge, Alexander
Leisz, Douglas R.
Leloup, Marcel
Lentz, G. H.
Lent, Elizabeth
Lent, Geneva
Lesage, Jean
Lescarboura, Austin C.
Lever, A. F., (Honorable)
Lewis, George A.
Lewis, Meriweather
Lewison, J. J.
Ley, Willy
Liming, A. N.
Lin, Dau-yang
Lincoln, F. C.
Lindh, Otto
Lindsay, Francis C.
Linduska, Joseph
Linford, Ernest H.
Linn, Ed. R.
Lipkis, Andy
Little, Elbert L., Jr.
Littlefield, Edward
Livingston, L. F.
Lockard, C. R.
Locke, E. G. (Dr.)
Locke, John P.
Locke, Ronald
Locke, S. B.
Lofton, Blanche DeGood
Longton, John M., Jr.
Lombardi, Vince
Long, John E.
Long, George S.
Long, Robert W.
Long, William H., Jr.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Longstreth, T. Morris
Loosley, E. B.
Lord, Lydia Ann
Lord, Russell
Loring, George B.
Loveridge, Earl V.
Lowden, F. C.
Lowden, Merle
Lowdermilk, W. C. (Dr.)
Lowe, Margaret
Lowell, John W.
Lowry, B. G.
Lubell, Samuel
Luebkert, Otto
Lugar, Richard
Lujan, Manuel, Jr.
Lull, Howard
Lumsden, George Q.
Lunsford, Nancy
Luttringer, Leo A., Jr.
Lutz, H. J.
Luvall, Jeff
Lyman, Chester W.
Lyons, Don C.
Lyons, James
Mabey, Nell E.
MacKaye, Benton
Mandela, Nelson
Mann, Roberts
Mann, Walter
March-Mount, Margaret
Marckworth, Gordon D.
Marion, Alonzo W.
Marks, Richard T. (Dr.)
Marland, William C. (Governor)
Marsh, Clarence S.
Marsh, George Perkins
Marsh, Ray E.
Marshall, Robert
Martin, C. S.
Martell, E. R.
Martin, Mrs. Chester E.
Martin, Glenn L.
Masland, Frank, Jr.
Mason, David T.
Mason, George C.
Mason, Hollie Lee
Mason, Ira
Mason, Robert Lindsay
Massey, Vincent (Honorable)
Masterson, Nancy
Mather, Stephen T.
Mathias, Charles McCurdy, Jr. (Rep.)
Matson, James L.
Matthews, Allan F.
Matthews, Don.
Matthews, Oliver V.
Mattoon, H. Gleason
Mattoon, W. R.
Maudlin, C. V.
Maudlin, Bill
Maule, William M.
Maunder, Elwood
Mauthe, William
Maxwell, George H.
Maxwell, R. Brooke
May, T. K.
Maynard, Robert A.
Mayr, Ernst
MacDaniels, Everett H.
MacDonald, G.B.
MacDonald, Thomas H.
MacDougale, F.A.
MacDuff, Inez Hale
McGee, W.J.
MacGillivray, James
McIntire, Clifford G.
McGuire, John
MacKenzie, H.W.
MacMillan, William
MacMullan, Ralph A.
McPherson, Greg
McWilliams, James Porter
Madden, James L.
Madden, Richard B.
Maguire, John
Magnuson, Warren G.
Mahaffay, Robert E.
Mains, Guy
Mainwaring, Edward S.
Mair, Marian
Malone, C.M.
Malsberger, H.J.
Manchester, Harland
Mangham, Sydney
Marsh, George Perkins
McArdle, Richard Edwin (USFS Chief)
McAtee, W.L.
McBride, Jim
McCaffrey, J.E.
McCain, A.C.
McCarthy, Eugene
McCarthy, Keith
McClellan, James C.
McClure, Albert J.
McClure, James G.K.
McConkey, Darel J.
McConnell, K.G.
McCormick, Robert L.L.
McCormick, W.B.C.
McCoy, Gary
McCulloch, W.F.
McCully, A.C.
McDonald, C.H.
McDonald, William J.
McDuffie, Duncan
McEntee, James J.
McFarland, J. Horace
McGee, Gale
McGee, William John
McGinnies, William G.
McGowin, Julian F.
McGowin, N.F.
McGuire, John (USFS Chief)
McHugh, Thomas J.
McIlhenny, E.A.
McIntire, Clifford G.
Mcintyre, G.S.
McKay, Douglas
McKean, Herbert B.
McKeldin, Theodore
McKibben, Bill
McKnight, Henry T.
McLaughlin, Angus A.
McLean, Herbert E.
McMahon, John P.
McManus, Charles E.
McManus, Irene
McMunn, Earl W.
McNair, Robert E.
McNary, Charles L.
McNeel, Wakelin
McNulty, Eugene F.
McNutt, Jack J.
McPherson, Greg
McSweeney, John
McWilliams, Ruth
Mead, James E.
Mead, Margaret (Dr.)
Meadows, William
Mealey, Steve
Means, Helen
Mechem, Edwin L.
Meehean, O. Lloyd
Meelig, Martha L.
Meginnis, H.G.
Meinecke, E.P.
Melcher, John
Melchior, Lauritz
Mendenhall, Howard
Mendenhall, William V.
Meninger, Karl A. (Dr.)
Merck, George
Merck, George W.
Mergen, Francois
Merkel, Hermann W.
Merrem, W.E.
Merrian, John C.
Merrill, Elmer Drew
Merrill, Fred B.
Merrill, Perry
Merritt, Katherine Pope
Metcalf, Haven (Dr.)
Metcalf, Woodbridge
Metzner, Hazel Ovitz
Meyer, Arthur B.
Meyer, H. Arthur
Meyer, Walter Huber
Michaux, Francois
Miles, R. Vance, Jr.
Miles, W.C.
Millard, Ruth
Miller, Allen F.
Miller, Harry Edward
Miller, Leslie A.
Miller, James N.
Box 128
Miller, Robert
Mills, Rowena A.
Mims, Sam
Miner, Bruce
Miner, Jack
Mitchell, Carleton
Mitchell, Guy Elliott
Mitchell, Harold
Mitchell, Homer C.
Mixon, James E.
Mobley, M.D.
Mocine, Ralph
Mohr, John
Moll, Gary A.
Mollenhauer, William, Jr.
Monahan, Robert S.
Moncure, W. Peyton
Mondale, Walter F. (Vice President)
Monroe, J.P.
Monroe, Morgan
Monsch, Genevieve
Montagnes, James
Moon, D.G.
Moon, F.F.
Moon, Gareth C.
Moore, A.G.T.
Moore, E.B.
Moore, Ruth.
Moore, W. Henson
Moran, Thomas
Morgan, Arthur E.
Morgan, Clyde B.
Morgan, Elemore
Morgan, Marshall
Morgan, Arthur Ernest
Morrell, Fred W.
Morris, Delyte W.
Morris, J.J.
Morrison, Ken
Morrison, Sid
Morse, Elizabeth
Morse, Wayne
Mortiz, George Williams
Moynihan, Daniel
Mumma, John
Murray, Hollis
Packwood, Bob
Pomeroy, Kenneth B.
Reilly, William K.
Sampson, R. Neil
Sargent, Charles
Sermon, Jeff
Sikorski, Gerry
Snow, Albert G.
Stafford, Robert T.
Vento, Bruce
Volkmer, Harold
West, Chris
Westenberger, Jane
Weston, Ray F.
Westveld, R.H. (Dr.)
Wetherdy, Lawrence W.
Wetzel, John H.
Weydemeyer, Winton
Weyerhaeuser, F.K.
Weyerhaeuser, Frederick, Sr.
Weyerhaeuser, George
Weyerhaeuser, J.P., Jr.
Wharton, Hazel K.
Wharton, William P.
Wheeler, Charles L.
Wheeler, Herbert N.
Wheeler, Irvine A.
Wheeler, Katharine Welles
Wheeler, L.R.
Wheeler, Ruth
Wheelwright, William Bond
Whitaker, Howard E.
White, Col. John R.
White, George O.
White, Hugh L.
White, John A.
White, McDonald
White, Mrs. Kemble
White, Paul Dudley (Dr.)
White, Viola C.
White, W. Dustin
White, W.E.
White, Warren T.
Whitfield, J.V.
Whiting, A. Milton
Whitley, Mrs. Francis C.
Whitman, John Pratt
Whitmore, James
Whittemore, Lawrence F.
Whittemore, Margaret
Whittington, W.M.
Wible, Ralph C.
Wickard, Claude R.
Widmer, Marie
Widner, Ralph R.
Wiesendanger, Albert
Wight, H.M.
Wilber, C.P.
Wilbur, Ray Lyman
Wilcox, E.V.
Wilcox, Ralph F.
Wilcoxon, Levi
Wilkins, Austin H.
Williams, D.A.
Williams, Anthony
Williams, Arthur B.
Williams, Ben Ames
Williams, Harrison A.
Williams, Hollis
Williams, R.H.
Williams, Roy L.
Williams, W.K.
Williamson, B.F.
Williamson, Glenn York
Williamson, W.A.
Wilm, Harold G.
Wilner, Joseph R.
Wilson, C. Claude
Wilson, Charles G.
Wilson, Ella Hill
Wilson, Ernest H.
Wilson, F.G.
Wilson, H.A.
Wilson, H.M.
Wilson, Marjorie
Wilson, R.C.
Wilson, Winifred E.
Wing, Leonard William
Winn, Frederic
Winslow, Carlisle P.
Winters, Robert K.
Wirt, F.A.
Wirt, George H.
Wirth, Conrad L.
Wisner, Frank G.
Wohlrabe, Raymond A.
Wolfe, Roland
Womick, Tim
Wood, Donald M.
Wood, Elmo S.
Wood, H.E.
Wood, John W.
Wood, Judge
Wood, Judge George
Wood, Kendall
Woodbury, Truman D.
Woodhead, Phillip V.
Woodring, Harry H.
Woodring, S.T.
Woodruff, Roy O.
Woods, Gordon T.
Woods, Herschel A.
Woods, John B.
Woods, Robert S.
Woods, Wilfred R.
Woodson, Weldon D.
Woodward, Harry R.
Woodward, Hugh
Woodward, K.W.
Woolridge, Don
Woozley, Edward
Worden, Frank
Work, Herman
Worth, C. Brooke (Dr.)
Wright, Newell L.
Wyckoff, Stephen N.
Wyden, Ron
Wyer, Samuel S.
Wykoff, J. Lynn
Yard, Robert Sterling
Yarham, E.R.
Yates, Sidney R.
Yeager, Lee Emett
Yeon, John B.
Yeutter, Clayton
Yimsut, Ronnie
Yoho, John
York, Eugene
Yost, Paul A.
Young, Don
Young, Howard I.
Young, John V.
Young, Milton R.
Young, Stanley P.
Young, Vertrees
Zahn, Curtis
Zahniser, Howard
Zeigler, E.A.
Zimmerman, Gordon
Zimmerman, H.E.
Zivnuska, John
Zobel, Bruce John
Zon, Ralphael

K. Miscellaneous, 1920-1980.

Box 129
Angela Janszen Burke scrapbooks, 1920-1980.
Angela Janszen Burke was a U.S. Forest Service employee, AFA member, and fire prevention activist.
Yellow Album, 1920s-1980s.
Personal scrapbook documenting the development of flight and space travel, as well as television. Holds newspaper and magazine clippings, as well as photographs and autographs from Charles Lindbergh and Buzz Aldrin, among others.
Pink Album, 1930s.
Holds photographs of political figures, many taken by Burke herself, as well as memorabilia from presidential inaugurations, birthday balls, concerts, and other Washington events.
Green Album, 1933-1971.
Trail Riders of the Wilderness photographs, notes, clippings, correspondence, and ephemera.
Floral Album, 1940s-1970s.
Clippings and personal photographs with a focus on political and entertainment figures. Holds images of FDR's funeral procession, as well as autographs from Jack Dempsey and Rose Kennedy.
Box 129
Postcards to Mrs. D. Priscilla Edgerton from State Soil Conservation Committee, Bismarck, ND.
Daisy Priscilla Edgerton was a writer in the Forest Service's division of Information and Education, she co-authored the bulletin Famous Trees (1938) with Charles E. Randall. She also wrote The Forest, a Handbook For Teachers which was published and widely distributed by the Forest Service in the 1930s.
Box 129
Unidentified photos, slides, and negatives (2 folders).
Box 129
Panoramic photographs, 1928-1940.
AFA Annual Banquet, 1928.
AFA 61st Anniversary, 1936.
AFA Annual Meeting, 1940.
Trail Riders of the Wilderness Expedition, 1936.

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