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Image ID:  Reck2_7A
Digital Image Size (in pixels):  300 x 181 pixels
Image Scan Resolution:  75 dpi
Original Image Size:  2 11/16" x 4 7/16" B/W print
Image Title:  [Man standing on crosstie of railroad under construction.]
Image Caption:  Railroad construction. [Man standing on crosstie, South Carolina.]

[This image is from Album No. 2, titled "The Cornell Foresters in South Carolina", in the Arthur Bernard Recknagel Photograph Collection, one of the archival holdings of the Forest History Society in Durham, N.C., depicting field trips taken by students of the Cornell Forestry School during the period of 1928-1931. Recknagel (1883-1962) was a professor of forestry at Cornell from 1913 until 1943. He graduated from Yale University with a master's degree in forestry in 1906 and held a number of varied positions throughout his long forestry career, including that of forest reconnaissance officer for the U.S. Forest Service; industrial forester for St. Regis Pulp and Paper Company; and consultant for the paper industry.]

Image Date:  1928
Photographer:  [Recknagel, Arthur Bernard]
Use Restrictions:  Permission from the Forest History Society required for any use of this image.
Repository Contact Information:  Forest History Society, Inc.; 701 William Vickers Ave., Durham, NC 27701; Tel.: (919) 682-9319; Fax: (919) 682-2349.